Move Over, Milky Way . . American DJ’s Amazing New Galaxian Red/Green Laser Effect

September 12, 2008 by Mobile Beat

LOS ANGELES — Mobile DJs and club patrons will be seeing stars all night long with the exciting new Galaxian laser effect from American DJ.  A small unit with a massive beam spread, the Galaxian produces more than 500 pin-sized red and green laser beams that shine like multitudes of stars in the sky.
Equipped with both a 30mW green laser and 80mW red laser diode, the Galaxian’s solar power appears to stretch on endlessly. Thanks to its upright 90° beam angle, it can easily cover the entire ceiling and walls of any venue with little colored pin dots of light to create a truly mind-blowing, dramatic solar system-type effect. The stars of the Galaxian dance together in eye-popping animated patterns that can either be programmed in by the user or recalled from a large bank of cool factory presets.
The highly versatile Galaxian effect features 3 operating modes: DMX, Sound Active and Master-Slave. In DMX mode, the Galaxian offers 4-channel operation (red laser, green laser, rotation, macro), giving users the flexibility to program their own light show. DJs who don’t want to use DMX can set the Galaxian to follow the beat of the music according to its own internal programs. In Master-Slave mode, multiple units can be synched up using standard 3-pin XLR connectors to achieve an even more far-reaching celestial effect.
“With its wide beam spread and smart, compact design, the Galaxian is perfect for DJs on the go,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “Its solar system-type effect is really awesome and unusual-looking, giving DJs and clubs a totally unique conversation piece in their lighting toolchest. Not only do you get bright red and green laser beams, but when the colors are mixed together, you also get yellow laser beams.
“It’s hard to believe that such a dramatic effect is so easy to operate,” added Davies. “Just turn it on and let it run in sound-active mode to its own built-in programs. Beam it up on the ceiling, and you can project an awesome shower of green and red laser beams that will cover a large area, like a high school gymnasium, with or without the use of fog.”
The Galaxian is extremely efficient, cool running and economical to operate. The effect has a low power consumption of just 12 watts, allowing users to connect more units on a single electric circuit and saving big-time on energy costs. 
Other great features of the Galaxian include random strobe from slow to fast, 1.8 degree stepper motors with micro stepping for super smooth movements, and switchable voltage (115V or 230V) located on the rear panel. The unit comes with a 1/4” input for remote operation using the optional UC3 universal controller from American DJ (sold separately).  The Galaxian requires no variance or special permits to operate.
The Galaxian carries an MSRP of $419.95. A highly portable effect, it measures 10”L x 9.75”W x 3”H and weighs only 6.1 lbs.
Click link below to see the Galaxian in action!
For more information, contact American DJ at 1-800-322-6337, or visit the company’s website:  Email:

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