More Pub Than Club

April 25, 2019 by Michael Cordeiro

Spring is here and wedding season is almost in full swing for many of us in colder climates. Time to go through all our wedding gear and test everything. It’s also time for a playlist tune up. Like most of you I have a ton of crates built up with wedding playlists covering all the relevant genres and music styles. Each spring I go through and update those crates with more current song choices and weed out less popular tunes.
A few years ago I wrote an article for Mobile Beat Magazine focusing on using acoustic versions or different arrangements of popular songs to shake up your playlists and create a different vibe for your weddings. I wrote about artists like Tyler Ward, Madeline Bailey, Boyce Avenue and groups like the Vitamin String Quartet (VSQ), The Piano Guys, Post Modern Jukebox and 2 Cellos. All of which are pretty standard go to artists now.
A key take away from MBLV23 this year was put out by Mike Walter. He made a statement during his seminar that resonated with almost everyone present. He simply stated that sometimes your music selection should be “More Pub than Club”. We’ve all had events with very little dancing. By the same token those same groups probably really enjoyed listening to great music and singing along. Dancing was just not their collective”thing”. At the end of the day the event could still be chalked up as successful.
If we apply this statement to ceremony, cocktail and dinner music we can create an easy fun toe tapping vibe that warms up the guests for later in the reception. We can go deeper an actually apply a little generational math to narrow down our song selection. If the average age of a bride and groom is 26 (the Wedding Report) then that means they graduated somewhere around 2010. If their parents are at least 25 years older than the couple: they graduated around 1985 and finally that would place their grandparents graduating in the mid 1960’s.
Using this formula you can easily create a mix of the best singalong, party songs and romantic music that touches each generation specifically. Targeting those generations with acoustic versions, originals and remixes of the hits from their era is a win- win. Another way is to just ask your clients when their parents and grand parents were in high school. Program accordingly.
We’ve all heard the Kenny G analogy (please don’t be that guy). The key is to be more in tune with your clients. Understand how their families celebrate and create the appropriate vibe. Stop relying on Facebook forums for your programming and start listening to your clients. They will tell you exactly what they want.
Here’s an example of making an old song new. This acoustic cover of Stand By Me came across my Facebook feed. It’s done really well and I know it will fit great into a cocktail or dinner playlist. Find a way to keep your music selection fresh. Keep it “More Pub than Club”.

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