Mobile DJ – What If My Client Wants An All Dave Matthews Band Wedding?

May 21, 2018 by Brian S. Redd

I did a video yesterday talking about giving clients what they want and what they asked for and avoiding giving them things that they don’t want and haven’t asked for. I talked about Sears a little bit, how they didn’t really do that. They didn’t give the clients what they wanted and asked for, they gave them a bunch of stuff they never wanted and didn’t ask for like financial services and insurance and stuff like that.

The example I gave as a DJ is, during dinner, what I don’t do is make it the “me” show. I don’t go in there and make big announcements and make it all about me during dinner, because the client doesn’t want that and they’ve never asked for that. In fact, they’ve asked for the complete opposite. They want it to be about them. They want a grand entrance, cake cutting, first dance, speeches for everybody at the table, a mike provided for that, and some dinner music — not the “me” show.

Now, some people have chimed in and said, okay, fine, Brian. What if my customer wants an all Dave Matthews Band wedding? Just because they want it, does that mean I should give it to them? This could go down a few different ways, okay? First way is maybe they’re the biggest Dave Matthews Band fans in the world. Maybe everyone who’s coming to their event goes with them all around the country to see the Dave Matthews Band perform everywhere they can. The Dave Matthews Band was not available to perform at their wedding reception, so they’ve hired you to come in and play all the best Dave Matthews Band songs. This is highly unlikely.

What’s probably happening is, is the client is not really thinking about their big objective, and that’s what you have to establish with them. So what the client wants is an end product thing. The end of the night, how do they feel about things? Let’s go back to Sears for a minute. Of course the client wants to pay $100 for a 70-inch TV. But when they get home, they want the thing to work. And if they go back to Sears and say, hey, look, the 70-inch TV didn’t work. They said, yeah. It was only $100. We really can’t ensure that it’s going to work for $100.

Same thing with these requests. We have to be the coach and we have to be the professionals. And we somehow have to express to the clients that we should establish some objectives. The way I do it is I say, look, let’s go to fantasy land for a minute. We’re looking in at your wedding reception a year from now. What do you want to see happening? And most people say, we want everyone to just be dancing and having a good time. Great. Dancing and having a good time is our objective, so let’s not lose sight of that.

So when they make crazy requests like Dave Matthews Band songs all night long, you can say, hold on a minute. Do you think that everyone enjoys Dave Matthews Band the same way you do is going to be attending your event? No. Probably not. Well, in that case, maybe the thing to do would be to play some Dave Matthews Band songs, but also have some other songs ready just in case somebody wants to hear something else.

Now, I will say this: if you have a client that wants all Dave Matthews Band songs and they cannot be swayed, this is what they want. They want to be able to come up to you 15 minutes into the event when they’re panicking and saying, oh my God, everyone’s leaving, do something. They want you to be able to flip it and make it happen. That’s being the professional.

And that’s what they want, that’s what they’re asking for. Maybe not in the client meeting, but they’re asking for it at the event. So yeah. Just be the professional, try to guide the client, help them, be the coach. Don’t tell them what to do, but just give them some options and give them some things to think about, and be ready just in case they’re sabotaging their own event, to fix it. That’s it. We’ll see you next time. Thanks for watching. Practice and enjoy.


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