Mobile DJ Help – Alternatives to Saying “Ladies and Gentlemen”

July 16, 2018 by Brian S. Redd

I did a video on editing your speech last night and I mentioned that I don’t use the phrases, ladies and gentlemen or, at this time. And there are a lot of reasons for it. If you use these phrases, I’m not picking on you. Ladies and gentlemen is kind of big. And when you’re doing a more intimate event like a wedding reception, I like it to be a little more personal, a little more friendly. So one big question is, what can you say in place of ladies and gentlemen on the microphone?

I’m going to give you one example. There’s a point in the evening sometimes at weddings where you have a first dance, and then immediately following, what I like to do is have another slow dance. And I invite everybody onto the floor for it, so I have a full dance floor. After that slow dance, I play a big tune, everybody dances, I got a packed dance floor right off the bat. It’s pretty cool. So what you can say on the microphone after that first dance is, ladies and gentlemen, at this time we would like to invite everybody onto the dance floor.

So let’s edit that speech. You can record this if you like and edit it as you go. How about something a little more personal, like, Ben and Amy would now like to invite everyone onto the dancefloor. It’s that simple. You can take that and think to yourself, was the now necessary? Ben and Amy would like to invite everyone onto the dance floor. Maybe that works. There’s several variations of it. But what you want to avoid is repetitive speech, and ladies and gentlemen becomes that repetitive speech, because sometimes, a DJ will use it almost as a prefix to anything they say on the microphone.

They’ll turn it on and just automatically, they say, ladies and gentlemen, at this time. That does not sound professional if you’re using it constantly. It sounds like you’ve got some kind of Tourette’s tic. So it’s my advice and my suggestion that you try to eliminate that all together and use alternative phrases, like I suggested. Once in a while, ladies and gentleman is good. If you’re doing a big event, if you’re doing a big grand entrance, and you want to use it once, that’s probably cool and effective. But if you use it constantly, again, it’s repetitive.

So anyway, quick video for you on a Friday afternoon. Thanks for watching. Hope it helps someone. Practice and enjoy.


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