Mobile DJ Games: Perfect For Mitzvahs

March 5, 2010 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

For Mitzvahs, the games segment is (almost) a prerequisite. I begin with “passive” walk-arounds during cocktail hour. Laminating these 3 will make them permanent repertoire additions.

1. Large rebus puzzles. (Book stores have them.)

Both of these use 8″ x11″ paper:

2. Make a large triangle. Centering, print on 3 lines as follows:
some butter on the
the BIG sandwich.
As each kid reads it quickly, invariably most say “Spread some butter on the BIG sandwich.” But it doesn’t. It says “Spread some butter on the the BIG sandwich.” Adults get stumped, too!

3. Using a large, thick font, print one color on each line: RED ORANGE YELLOW BLUE GREEN PURPLE BLACK. But color them differently. Ask the kids to quickly tell you the colors. They’ll start by saying “red.” Wrong! It’s blue, etc.

Hand out numbered raffle tickets for every win. At the end, ask the Mitzvah kid his favorite number, then “OK, Josh’s favorite number is 2. If the last number on your ticket is a 2, you’re a winner!” 10% win. It’s fair, luck of the draw and no one complains.

When it comes time for the actual games segment, there’s life beyond “Coke & Pepsi” and “The Limbo.” There are contests which are SO much more creative. With new, interactive games, make your parties STAND OUT from your competitor’s.

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