Mobile Beat Webinar – “If you’ve ever felt stuck, flat or apathethetic”

September 18, 2010 by Mobile Beat

If you’ve ever felt stuck, flat or apathethetic then you’re likely human. Let’s face it, staying motivated is at times a big challenge. This coming Thursday at 9pm EST/6pm PST one of our own, DJ Dan Nichols, a lay psychologist and entrepreneur will share what it is exactly that keeps us from making bigger strides in our careers, our family’s and our life in general. Come find out what exactly it is that keeps us from truly getting what we want.

Unlike the smile and have a good attitude stuff, Dan digs deeper to excavate the core of what stops us. In this upcoming webinar you will learn in detail about the F.O.L.B. Syndrome and the various aspects of Social Constraints. “Nobody is free of these 2 success saboteurs. To one degree or another they affect everyone of us” Nichols says. As a full time dj and the lead business coach on, he is on a mission to help business owners across the country break their agreements with fear, doubt and procrastination.

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