Mobile Beat Seminars Part #2 Arrives!

November 24, 2008 by Michael Buonaccorso

The 2009 Mobile Beat DJ Show’s lineup of presentations is falling into place!

PLUS, in the next few days be looking for the SIX ADDITIONAL bonus seminars we are providing beginning at Noon Monday February 16. These bonus seminars are your gift for making the effort to arrive early!

But here are some more of the highlights you can look forward to as part of the three day core schedule running from February 17th through the 19th:

REMIX & EDITING 201 Russ Harris
Join Billboard Charting Dance recording artist Russ Harris for his follow-up to his hit seminar “Remix & Editing 101” from 2008’s Vegas Show. If you already know how to make mashups & basic mix tracks & you want to learn more, this year’s seminar will focus more on midi-sequencing with software synthesizers, drum programming & looping, vocals & effects that you can lay over any one of your project’s elements. If you want to learn how Compression can make that kick drum sound louder or how a delay can kick that synth into a 3D sounding siren, this is the seminar for you. By the end of the hour, you’ll want to jump on your computer & get to work on your next masterpiece!

An in-depth look at proven methods that can be used to build and maintain your business. Jeffrey offers tips on building your business from within, up selling your clients, branding, believing in your company, your employees and your product,and much, much more.

Mobile DJing Around The World
The UK’s DJ Tutor Johnathan Lewis, a.k.a Ellaskins, who is making the trip across “the pond” especially for this Mobile Beat event, along with Brian S. Redd, the USA’s DJ Tutor, will be hosting Practice & N-Joy on Wednesday afternoon from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. This year’s Practice & N-Joy topic is “Mobile DJing Around the World”. Johnathan, Brian and several other members of the DJ Tutor community will be giving presentations focusing on what it’s like to be a Mobile DJ in their various parts of the world.

Ultimate Marketing Makeover Tom Quiner
Professional marketing produces professional results. Are you happy with your marketing program? Is it working for you? Or do you want more response and more profits from your marketing? Imagine the impact you’ll have on your local market area if your marketing campaign was professional. Imagine the impact on your bottom line if brides and corporate prospects called and were already presold on you! In this fast-paced presentation, Tom Quiner, President of Breakthrough Marketing, will show you practical & ingenious ways to boost response and profits for your DJ business. You’ll see before your very eyes new ways to market professionally to attract more response.

A Wedding Ceremony..It’s not just walking down the aisle Jay Sims
Learn how to increase revenue form every wedding you do is selling ceremony services to your wedding clients. Your clients should believe you are not just playing music for their ceremony but rather acting as their overall ‘ceremony coordinator and director’ to ensure all the details are in place. Jay will present a full breakdown of planning a ceremony, knowing religious customs, developing a detailed timeline, attendance of a rehearsal, day of checklist, direction at the ceremony, interaction with the officiate & other vendors, ceremonies off-site, and how you can turn your company into a full and comprehensive ceremony service producing more profit for your business.

Tips and tricks from the improv comedy world to help the mobile DJ: An interactive workshop Mike Ficher
Improvisational comedy can be the ultimate interactive fulfillment. How can that help the mobile entertainer? While you may not desire or even be remotely interested in taking the stage without a script as an improv player, learning and appreciating the art of improvisational comedy will enhance your performances, promote excellence in spontaneous reactions at an event and encourage your development as a broad-based, appealing entertainer. Learn the basics of the art, play a few games and gain knowledge that will help you-and your clients.

Please note: All seminars, events, workshops are on a first-come, first-serve basis and are subject to change without notice.

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