MOBILE BEAT – NOVEMBER 2011 – #138 – Reaching the Next Level: Weddings and More

October 31, 2011 by Dan Walsh



It may be a cliché, but “taking it to the next level” still aptly describes what this issue’s wedding-focused and other material will help you achieve. Jason Weldon offers advice for better booking results when you’re BANKING ON BRIDAL SHOWS. Augment your performances and your bottom line by taking a WIDE ANGLE ON WEDDING ADD-ONS, courtesy of Josh Yawn. One hot new add-on, TRIVIA: THE NEW PRE-NUPTIAL FUN can even help you provide couples with entertainment before wedding day, according to Rob Johnson. And Jay Maxwell helps you offer more options for reception music with THE RIGHT MUSICAL TOOLS FOR THE JOB.

Dealing with another cliché, in FEAR & LOATHING ON WALL STREET, Tom Haibeck confronts a recent online controversy concerning DJs and draws out some lessons on creating positive public perception.

Representing the best the industry has to offer, we profile award-winning DJ entrepreneur CAREY SMOLENKSY of Chicago and TIM “T” CAMPBELL: The Hockey Jockey, from Detroit. Publisher Ryan Burger also reports on his trip to Planet DJ—not a space journey, but a visit with a well-known DJ gear retailer.

Revving up for our upcoming MBLV16 SHOW PREVIEW issue in December, we welcome FEATURED SPEAKERS and guest columnists MOSES AVALON with some straight talk on sharing and CLONING HARD DRIVES and STEVE “THE HITMAN” BRAZELL, who admonishes DJs to FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS their business efforts.

Our regular BUSINESS FOCUS section is packed with practical info to help you really take your company to next level Mark Battersby explains LLCs, Ryan Burger compare notes with auto salesmen, John Stiernberg talks strategic planning, JEFFREY GITOMER defines real NETWORKING and DAVE RAMSEY looks back in hindsight and muses on LEADERSHIP.

Touching on youth event-oriented performance, Arnoldo Offerman reveals HOW TO MAKE THE CUT, that is, the right way to end a song early and move on to keep excitement levels high. We also review Promo Only’s new POOL digital music service, a fresh way to get those songs.

Other REVIEWS include: RELOOP’S JOCKEY 3 ME CONTROLLER, TRUESONIC ACTIVE SPEAKERS from ALTO PROFESSIONAL, and the latest version of the V-STATION game show system from DIGIGAMES. A review of MIX! software from STANTON and the SCRATCH DJ ACADEMY is paired with thoughts on that app and DJing in general by DJ Irie. In his latest REALITY CHECK, Mark Johnson also talks with a DJ who has become a MACHINE MASTER, hiring out gear-only for many smaller gigs.

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