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January 21, 2009 by Michael Buonaccorso

Full Conference schedule for MBLV09

Monday, Feb 16



Registration & badge pickup at Pioneer Conference Registration 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Noon-1PM Ballroom B Inspire Yourself, Inspire Your Clients, Inspire Your Peers”Paul Kida, The DJ Coach
An interactive experience to find out just who you are as a DJ and where you are going. Discover your hidden talents, learn to rise above mediocrity and better yourself no matter what level of professionalism you are currently at. Find out how to transfer YOUR passion to prospective clients, opening their eyes to how a genuine professional DJ can create a truly momentous event. This seminar will NOT help you think “outside the box”, it will simply Blow the Box Away!!!… and show you that your true potential is beyond your present thinking!

Noon-1PM Ballroom CD Got Profit? Find Out What Your Business Is Really Telling You Shawn Kelly
Profit and Loss-two of the most important words to any business owner. Learn how to maximize your profit by properly accounting for all your expenses, Shawn will translate the jargon and financial language into plain English. See the importance of accounting for all business expenses and how it relates to profitability for your business.

1:30-2:30 PM Ballroom CD Expanding your Markets with Ethnic Music David Beal
With the increase in multi-ethnic weddings, the need for a versatile, diverse DJ is a growing demand. Having the ability to accommodate potential clients by addressing their special needs in relation to their ethnic background could increase your sales. David will show you how to explore new avenues in the way of playing music not only ethnic but combining mainstream hits as well. Learn to come out of your comfort zone and expand your business by reaching out to different ethnic groups.

1:30 – 2:30 pm Ballroom B How To Profit from Working with Non-Profit Organizations Rob Peters and Mike Fernino
A discussion of IRS regulations that affect donations of DJ services as deductible charitable contributions, as well as ways to work around the system, including ways to use such performances to increase bookings for your mobile DJ business, how to determine if the request for your services for a fundraiser is actually going to allow you to be able to create a tax deductible contribution, and the benefits of the exposure that you can create for your mobile DJ business by working with non-profit organizations. Steve Fernino producing and recording for the DJIdeaSharing Podcast Network.

3:00 pm – 4:30 pm Ballroom B DJ Idea Sharing presents “The Fish Bowl”
This seminar will also be hosted by Mike Fernino and Rob Peters, and produced and recorded for the DJIdeaSharing Podcast Network by Steve Fernino. The Fishbowl concept runs through a large number of pre-selected questions on a variety of industry topics, so come prepared to think fast!

3:00 pm – 4:00 pm Supplement your DJ income… WITH DJ INCOME!!! Ballroom CD Stu Chisholm
When tough economic times take their toll, many mobile DJs scramble to take a side job, or — egad — change careers altogether! Yet what if you don’t have to? Come take a guided tour of all of the other places a DJ might work beyond the wedding reception. Learn what all DJs have in common, the ins and outs of jobs you may have never thought of and the many ways you can put your existing talents to use in an industry that may be even bigger than you think!

Badge pickup only 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Welcome Party 6:00-9:00 PM Top of the Riv
FEATURING! The Twins Dueling Pianos Show -the only all-female and identical twin dueling pianos show in the world. Kimberley and Tamara Pinegar take the stage and have the audience laughing and singing along in no time. In keeping with the tradition of the dueling pianos genre, the show is an all-request sing-along that incorporates a great deal of audience participation and comedy. The Twins play requests that range from the Andrews Sisters to Aerosmith and AC/DC! It’s a duel you don’t want to miss!

Tuesday, Feb 17
Registration at Pioneer Conference Registration opens at 7:30 AM / Doors open 8:30 AM
No Exhibit Hall Today
All Sessions in Ballrooms B-C-D unless noted

9:00 AM Welcome & Introduction

9:30 AM – 10:30 Marketing and Selling to the 21st Century Bride Andy Ebon
25 years ago, the choices for marketing to the bride were limited:Print ads bridal shows and referrals. Now, wedding couples have instant access to info at any time from anywhere. Unfortuantely the ever increasing volume of communication is overwhelming their ability to filter and process information to make buying decisions. Hence, the evolution of Bridezilla, a woman who is overwhelmed by information excess. This presentation will discuss the symptoms and solutions, adjustments and enhancements that are critical to understanding how to effectively communicate in this digital age.

11AM – 12:15 PM Jim Cerone The Perfect Host, Part 1 Who “hosts” your parties? You should! Known throughout the DJ industry as The Perfect Host, Jim Cerone will give you the Top 10 qualities you need to host your events. The Perfect Host Part 1 is the foundation of Jim’s series of seminars. You’ll learn how to do Show Prep, how to use the Preamble and how to head off T.R.O.U.B.L.E. Stop doing “gigs” and start “hosting” parties !

12:45 PM – 1:45 PM Generations: The world we sell in Jorge Lopez
A person’s decision on what to buy, from whom, when and for how much are based on their personal influences. It doesn’t matter if it’s your clients, employees, children or friends, in this presentation you will learn what motivates a Baby Boomer, Gen Xer or “Millennials. Discover how each generation is unique, what turns them ON and what turns them OFF, and how to define your target client generations and what you can do to market and sell more effectively to each of them by creating trusting and successful relationships.

2:15 PM – 3:15 PM Keeping All of your Great DJs Michael Walter
After earlier presentations: “Finding Your Next Great DJ” and “Training Your Next Great DJ” this seminar will offer in-depth and proven methods that he and other successful Multi-Op owners have used to maintain their staff and keep their DJs happy. It is possible to combine Quality and Quantity and this seminar will show you how.

4 PM Sponsored Session: American Disc Jockey Association’s Annual National Meeting (non-members welcome) Hear how the ADJA has been shaping the future of the industry and the latest membership benefits. Find out why more recognized leaders in this industry belong to the ADJA than any other.

“Mini-Topic Tuesday” The Virtual Chatboard!
Start.ProDJ.Com forums to the show with small free-wheeling discussions, moderated by Mobile Beat staff. No breaks, just subject change, so arrive (“Log On”) and leave (“Log Off”) as you wish.

Capri Room 101 moderated by Bret Agard and Eric Sands

12:15 – Game Shows -Much of the public is in love with interactive entertainment. – In an effort to be different and allow our customers to enjoy participating as the entertainment many of us have started
offering game show set ups as a stand alone or as an add on service. Let’s discuss costs to expand into this market, price point considerations in selling to customers, what ideas have worked, & what ideas have not.
1:15 – Video DJ’s – Music videos are about to turn 30 years old. That means many of your customers do not remember a day when there were not music videos for nearly every song! WOW! Technology has
made Video DJ service more feasible than ever. Are you offering Video DJ Service, is it all music videos or mixed with live video,ambient video, and photo montages? How is the prospective market changing?
Where can you offer video DJ services in your packages. Bring your experiences, ideas and questions and let’s talk!
2:15 – Bar/Bat Mitzvahs – While other events are seasonal, people typically can not change their birth date. Bar & bat Mitzvahs are held year round… What specific knowledge and skills are needed? How
do you manage mixing entertaining 100 12 year olds with 50 older family members and friends? What works for you and what have you tried that didn’t work. What have you done to take your Mitzvahs to
the next level? Let’s share some ideas and some experiences.

Capri Room 102 moderated by Eric Godfrey

12:15 Karaoke – The world of Karaoke is changing drastically and quickly… What is happening with digital karaoke and with legality, copyrights, and the karaoke market… We’re here to talk about the
industry and the happenings. Moderator Eric Godfrey is President of the US Karaoke Alliance and a member of the Industry Alliance of America) with the heads of most of the industries karaoke disc manufacturers.
1:15 Guitar Hero / Rock Band – The craze has swept the nation and everyone wants to be a rock star… Are you using it to create revenues? Whether as an add in on existing DJ packages or a stand alone for bars and night-clubs on week-ends is this an area you can create more revenue for your company? Bring your ideas and experience and let’s talk!
2:15 AV Rentals – All of us have tons of gear that during parts of the year sit unused. Have you started or considered renting audio and video gear? How about just as an add on for Video Montages etc.?
This trend is getting bigger all the time and many are not tapping into the potential revenues. Is a manned PA system capable of making you as much during a weekday as it can in your DJ’s hands over the
8:00 PM PROdjShowcase with Otis Day and Vanilla Ice
Top of the Riv
Otis Day and the Knights are bringing their Animal House 30th Anniversary Tour to the Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2009 DJ Show and Conference! Following the appearance of Otis Day, Pioneer ProDJ VJs from around the US will keep the party going, ushering in a late night appearance by Rob Van Winkle, better known as Vanilla Ice!

Wednesday, Feb. 18
Registration at Pioneer Conference Registration opens at 7:30 AM
Exhibits open 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM in Grande Ballroom

8:00 AM – 9:00 AM Ballroom B A Wedding Ceremony..It’s not just walking down the aisle Jay Sims
Learn how to increase revenue from every wedding you do in selling ceremony services to your wedding clients. Your clients should believe you are not just playing music for their ceremony but rather acting as their overall ‘ceremony coordinator and director’ to ensure all the details are in place. Jay will present a full breakdown of planning a ceremony, knowing religious customs, developing a detailed timeline, attendance of a rehearsal, day of checklist, direction at the ceremony, interaction with the officiate & other vendors, ceremonies off-site, and how you can turn your company into a full and comprehensive ceremony service producing more profit for your business.

8:00 AM – 9:00 AM Ballroom D The High School Goldmine Mark and Jared Perry
Done right, learn how to exceed the profit generated from other types of events, including weddings in the lucrative high school market. Consider extending your services to cross over into the event production world such as, large scale video projection, special effects, intelligent & laser light shows, dÈcor lighting, etc. and getting compensated properly for these services.Change public perception, package pricing as opposed to custom pricing, selling specific products rather than their effect. Attendees will leave the seminar captivated, motivated, and inspired to achieve new heights in their own organizations.

9:30 AM – 10:30 AM Ballroom B REMIX & EDITING 201
Join Billboard Charting Dance recording artist Russ Harris for his follow-up to his hit seminar “Remix & Editing 101” from 2008’s Vegas Show. If you already know how to make mashups & basic mix tracks & you want to learn more, this year’s seminar will focus more on midi-sequencing with software synthesizers, drum programming & looping, vocals & effects that you can lay over any one of your project’s elements. If you want to learn how Compression can make that kick drum sound louder or how a delay can kick that synth into a 3D sounding siren, this is the seminar for you. By the end of the hour, you’ll want to jump on your computer & get to work on your next masterpiece!

9:30 AM – 10:30 AM Ballroom D Introduction to New Social Media Andy Ebon
A sampler about the various web-based and new technology communication vehicles, and how one can best use them to communicate with clients, prospects and peers. Including such things as LinkedIn, FaceBook, MySpace, Text Messaging, and Blogging.

11:00 AM -STRICTLY BUSINESS Jeffrey Craig
An in-depth look at proven methods that can be used to build and maintain your business. Jeffrey offers tips on building your business from within, up selling your clients, branding, believing in your company, your employees and your product,and much, much more.

11:00 AM – Noon Ballroom D The Perfect Host, Part 2: Making Perfect Sense
Do you have good basic DJ skills, but can’t seem to get the audience’s attention? Part 2 of Jim Cerone’s Perfect Host series of seminars builds on the foundation of Part 1. Using more advanced techniques, Jim shows you how to identify, develop and use 10 new ways to Make Perfect Sense to your audience. Connect with your clients and their guests and you’ll get more word of mouth referrals.

Wednesday (Capri Room 102):
NorthernLightFX ProAcademy

Whether a beginner or advanced, there is information for you.
Handouts will be provided at every session!

9:45 am – 10:45 am Wireless and Wires Untangled!
With just a few short months before the FCCs new rules on wireless transmissions take effect, we are going to address these rules and what they mean to you. We’ll also discuss cables inside and out – literally. The different types of connectors, and connections, Balanced vs. Unbalanced, Hi-z vs. Lo-z, and what they really mean will also be covered. The properties of cable, including capacitance, resistance and other electrical characteristics that can critically impact your sound will also be discussed. Cables are all too often overlooked, but without them, critical pieces of gear cannot function unless properly and reliably connected. Want to save yourself money and headaches? This seminar will show you how!

11:00 am – 12:00 am DMX – Getting more out of your lights!
Today’s shows demand more, and we can show you how to deliver! New LED fixtures offer virtually infinite color options, and intelligent lighting is capable of more than ever before! DMX makes it easier than ever to get MORE out of your light show and controllers are becoming more affordable every day! We’ll discuss the future of the DMX standard, options for controllers, and taking the pain out poorly written manuals and confusing consoles.

6:00 pm -??? DMX After Dark (Weds Evening)
Hands on DMX console training with factory representatives. Seating is VERY limited. Controllers and lights will be provided for workstations. BONUS special discounts on controllers for attendees!

Thursday (Capri Room 102):
NorthernLightFX ProAcademy
8:00 am – 9:30 am Audio for Entertainers (see Weds)
9:45 am – 10:45 am Wireless and Wires Untangled (see Weds)

11:00 am – 12:00 am Power Management
HUMMMMM BUZZZZZZ POP! Do any of these noises sound familiar to you? When they are coming from your sensitive electronic equipment, THEY SHOULDN’T! Every piece of gear that you have plugged in is being held hostage by the electricity that powers it! Electric companies have acknowledged that your equipment could be bombarded by surges as often as hundreds of times per hour. Find out how to deal with noise, surges, brownouts and other common problems. We will show you how to get optimal performance out of your equipment and preserve its longevity. Is a UPS for you? Plus, we’ll take the lid off (literally) the difference in power conditioners.

Wednesday Sponsored Seminars

1:00 Internet Power Seminar – Capri Room 101 Presented by Scott Kartsounes of DJ Intelligence – It’s the internet age and brides & party planners are no longer “wishing for” the ability to book and plan their events online, they’re expecting it! Learn how to harness the incredible strength of the web and put your website to work for you by converting it from an ordinary static brochure into an interactive online destination that will keep clients and prospects coming back for more! Learn how to take your website to the next level with interactive website tools from DJ Intelligence for booking events online and complete online event planning. It’s time to make the web work for you! This is an informational demonstration and educational seminar, geared towards both beginners and pros.

2:15 – Capri Room 101 EZDJWebsites Gets You Online Fast and Affordably! – Mobile Beat Internet Services (ProDJ.Com) has developed EZDJWebsites,an option to set up a basic website so a company can establish their web presence easily, inexpensively and be able to customize it on their own. You setup your account, choosing from the design options available, the buttons and pages and other fantastic web based tools and more! We will show you how to search the web to see if your desired web address is available, the basics of our software , photos, DJ Intelligence integration, and integration with other services via our virtual pages.

3:30 Games, Games, Games Capri Room 101 Sid Vanderpool – Walk through a number of games and ideas he and his staff have used at their ever popular corporate olympics team building events. From set up to execution Sid will take you from point A to point B with a fun casual style. Come prepared to get up and get involved since this will not be a seminar for those who wish to watch on the sidelines.

3:30 Send Out Cards Capri Room 102 – When business slows down do you know the real cause or do you blame it on the economy or time of year? Business downturns are directly related to lack of continued contact with previous clients. Come and experience for yourself how to create a lifetime of client relationships that generate a lifetime of referrals. Save Time and Money with this automated tool through Send Out Cards.

5-7PM Mobile DJing Around The World – Capri Room 101 The UK’s DJ Tutor Johnathan Lewis, a.k.a Ellaskins, who is making the trip across “the pond” especially for this Mobile Beat event, along with Brian S. Redd, the USA’s DJ Tutor, will be hosting Practice & N-Joy on Wednesday afternoon from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. This year’s Practice & N-Joy topic is “Mobile DJing Around the World”. Johnathan, Brian and several other members of the DJ Tutor community will be giving presentations focusing on what it’s like to be a Mobile DJ in their various parts of the world.

6:30 PM American DJ Customer Appreciation Party
Top of the Riv

Thursday, Feb. 19
Registration at Pioneer Conference Registration opens at 7:30 AM
Exhibits open 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM in the Grand Ballroom

8:00 AM Capri Room 102 Non-denominational Christian Fellowship
MB Publisher Ryan Burger and MB Show Producer Michael Buonaccorso welcome you to come to a Christian DJ industry fellowship on Thursday morning. A great opportunity to sit and relax away from the craziness of Las Vegas and the conference. We will be welcoming Jim Barnhart, a Christian singer/songwriter.

Jim has a heart after God, and combines words of truth with original impassioned music that will inspire your life. He creates music that wins the hearts, minds, and ears of all who listen. He’s been through difficult times in his life and has learned from the journey. His debut album “As I Am” was completed in Hendersonville, Tennessee and Jim signed with InLight Records. “As I Am” has been created to give hope and encouragement for a hurting generation.
All are welcome.

8:00 AM – 9:00 AM Ballroom B Ultimate Marketing Makeover Tom Quiner
Professional marketing produces professional results. Are you happy with your marketing program? Is it working for you? Or do you want more response and more profits from your marketing? Imagine the impact you’ll have on your local market area if your marketing campaign was professional. Imagine the impact on your bottom line if brides and corporate prospects called and were already presold on you! In this fast-paced presentation, Tom Quiner, President of Breakthrough Marketing, will show you practical & ingenious ways to boost response and profits for your DJ business. You’ll see before your very eyes new ways to market professionally to attract more response.

8:00 AM – 9:00 AM Ballroom D Getting Midweek Work Rob Johnson
See what options are available to Mobile DJs who are looking to expand outside the traditional weekend work. Topics will include Corporate, Schools, Camps and other. Gameshows and Team Building ideas will be featured.

9:30 AM – 10:30 AM Ballroom B The Perfect Host, Part 3 – What You Say?
In the Perfect Host Part 1, Jim Cerone helped you build the foundation. In Part 2, he gave you advanced techniques to sharpen your senses and connect with your audience. Now, get ready for The Perfect Host Part 3, where Jim reveals why content is king. As the host, What You Say sets the tone for the entire event. Learn how to Edit In Your Head and Ban the Generic Banter.

9:30 AM – 10:30 AM Ballroom D
Guerilla Marketing For DJs
After last year’s spectacular “Guerilla Marketing” Seminars by Jay Conrad Levinson, Mobile Beat Magazine’s National Sales Director Andy “Cubbie” Powell took those concepts and applied them to the Mobile DJ Market. Cubbie has worked with some major corporations that advertise within Mobile Beat to come up some unique campaigns. Even in a “Down Market” his ideas have proved successful. He will show you real life examples and concepts that have worked for him and others.

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Ballroom B
Blogging Your Way To Business Success Andy Ebon
A year or so ago, blogging was a good idea; now it’s mandatory. Blogging adds an extra dimension to the understanding of your business by prospects and customers, alike. Most important, blogging is the single best thing you can do for search engine optimization to attract website traffic. Learn to read and understand your website statistics and what can be done to optimize their sites for search engine ranking.

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Ballroom D
Tips and tricks from the improv comedy world to help the mobile DJ: An interactive workshop Mike Ficher
Improvisational comedy can be the ultimate interactive fulfillment. How can that help the mobile entertainer? While you may not desire or even be remotely interested in taking the stage without a script as an improv player, learning and appreciating the art of improvisational comedy will enhance your performances, promote excellence in spontaneous reactions at an event and encourage your development as a broad-based, appealing entertainer. Learn the basics of the art, play a few games and gain knowledge that will help you-and your clients.

Thursday Sponsored Seminars

1:00 (Capri Room 101) EZDJWebsites Advanced Session – Taking It Further! – So I know the basics of websites and/or the EZDJ system, but what are some of the advanced features that you have to offer? What do these lines all mean? How can I use the EZDJ system to expand my search engine results? With this seminar, we will jump past the basics and show you how EZDJ can solve all of these questions for you. We will go over the metatags and meta descriptions,how you can use YouTube to post videos to your site and create more traffic, tie in with other affiliate systems through the virtual pages feature and overall get the most out of EZDJWebsites!

2:15 (Capri Room 101) Everything Lasers Come and learn everything you need to know about entertainment laser systems, how they are built, how to use them, legal and variance issues, and how to successfully incorporate them into your show. Presented by X-Laser President, Dan Goldsmith.

2:15 (Capri Room 102) New product seminar from Pioneer – Pioneer is known for innovations in the DJ industry and they will be debuting some great new products at the MBLV09 show. Come talk with the Pioneer experts at this great workshop!

5 PM Sensational Sound Giveaway-Exhibit Hall
The Traditional Mobile Beat Grand Finale: The Sensational DJ System Giveaway! Sponsored by American DJ, B52 Professional, QSC Audio, ADJA, Digigames, Promo Only and Frankenstand.

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