Mobile Beat Las Vegas Platinum Package

January 7, 2019 by Trevor West

Have you seen on the website where they are offering a platinum package and wondered what that was about? is it worth the extra cost? well, let me tell you as a purchaser of that package for the last 4 years, yes it is so worth it.

not only do you get first and second row seating everyday in the same spot for every seminar, you also get a private seminar that the other attendees dont get with one of the main presenters.

oh, did i tell you about the swag? you never know what it might be but let me just say that it’s always good and it’s usually swag that no one else will get at the entire convention. You get access to the showroom before the rest of the crowd so your not fighting with everyone to see all the gear.

the first time I attended the convention and was lucky to get one of the tickets for the platinum package and have purchased it ever since, i’m now into my 6th year attending and in that time, i was also lucky enough to do 2 seminars as a presenter so you never know what direction you will head after attending this very important and informational convention.

some of the other benefits have been, was a personal meet and greet with the performers only available for platinum holders, free books from the book store, and you can skip all the lines to get your badge early.

this year promises to be one of the best for platinum package holders so if they still have tickets available, then get yours before they sale out.


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