Mobile Beat – July 2014 – Issue #157

July 7, 2014 by Dan Walsh

MB157-cover-smBack to School

In this issue, we bridge the gap between summer and fall, between vacation time and school time, and weekend and weekday, when it comes to serving the youth market, with:

  • Practical advice on building rapport with the kids, from youth event master Arnoldo Offermann
  • Ideas for also pleasing the adults as well as the students at your school events, along with thoughts on applying Mark Ferrell’s “Getting What You’re Worth” concepts to the youth market, from Marc Andrews
  • The pros and cons of doing year-end events for schools, by Jay Maxwell
  • Mike Ficher’s musings on the endless cycle of group dance trends, powered by the youth culture
  • A hearty helping of practical gig ideas for both summer and fall, from our newest contributors, Keith Alan and Rob Peters, who have taken over the Midweek Money column.

And speaking of new contributors, you may have noticed some other new faces in the last few issues:

  • Staci Nichols joins us with her Wedding Beat column, offering unique and creative perspectives on all things related to mobile DJs and wedding receptions, along with other topics
  • Joe Bunn, who will challenge you with direct, practical tips and tricks for those two key aspects of DJing, mixing and MCing.
  • Rob Schenk, an attorney, with the rare gift of taking a usually dry, boring subject—in this case DJ legal matters—and making it interesting, even enjoyable.

Also in this issue:

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How to Move into Video – Lane O’Neill
“You Are Obsolete!” – Stu Chisholm

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Mackie SRM550 & SRM1850 Powered Speakers
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Married to an Entrepreneur – Dave Ramsey
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PLUS: Even More!

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