Mobile Beat Conference One – The Wedding Tale

March 26, 2008 by Michael Buonaccorso

Marcia Shaffer and Frank Whyte: a match made in heaven…and another unique moment in MB show historyIt was an idea prompted by a Virginia DJ who asked us if he and his fiancé could get married during the ’97 MB Show…. “during” as in “part of”. Sounded interesting, so a liaison was set up to coordinate the event. DJs volunteered to host segments of the event, taking turns at the mic, and would showcase their own personal entertaining techniques. A part time DJ / preacher from Southern California came forward to officiate the event.

January 6, 1997 was the date. As the bridal party assembled at the stage, the bride and groom gazed electrically into each others eyes if they were the only ones in the room, while in fact they were surrounded by 700 fellow DJs. The Reverend Frank christened the gathering and hence, joined them as man and wife.

In an attempt to gain entry into the Guinness World Book of Records, each DJ in attendance lined up to pass the control board and participate in some aspect of the operation, even if for only a second or two. You guessed it, it was an attempt to set the world’s record for the most DJs ever to play for a single event. Guinness wasn’t impressed, and sent a form rejection letter.

As gratitude from Mobile Beat to the key volunteers who made up the core team, the plan was to present a “DJ Dream Team” plaque to each of them, nothing of great value, but a token of our appreciation. An unopened case of 30 “Dream Team” plaques was placed under a table in the corner of the room for the presentation later that night, under the watchful eye of a staff member.

The wedding had concluded, and I headed over to the case to begin giving out the awards. The box had been ripped open and 23 plaques were missing as well as the list of whom they were for!

The rest is fuzzy history. Since they did not have individual names, it was never known how many of the real recipients actually got the award they were supposed to. As the week dragged on, it seemed everyone had a plaque. DJs holding plaques stopped show staff and management to take their picture to make it official. As time has passed, the plaques have shown up on DJ websites all over the world, now personalized! Needless to say, there was never a Dream Team #2, but I bet the first group would have one heck of a reunion!

And Marcia and Frank…did they live happily ever after? We’ll never know.

Mike Buonaccorso, cofounder of Mobile Beat, has been trade show producer since 1996 and continues in that position under BC Productions, Inc. Mike has been in the position of witnessing the growth and maturing of the Conference as well as being there to see some of the great moments in DJ Show history. Watch this spot for Mike’s weekly “Mobile Memoirs”.

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