August 31, 2019 by Dan Walsh

Comparison / Contrast for DJs

Way back when, as a freshman in college, my first writing prof introduced me to the wonders of the “comparison/contrast” essay: It’s where you take a look at the similarities and/or differences between two things or subjects as a way to express some interesting truth about them. This Mobile Beat issue, which I originally thought would be a bunch of unrelated articles, actually offers a pretty good helping of comparisons and contrasts: competition/teamwork, cutting-edge quick mixing/crowd-pleasing classic song lists, how to build company culture/how NOT to build company culture, and so on. We even profile a solo operator from far inland and a member of an island-based multi-system outfit. So, enjoy all the different angles in this latest installment of MB!

~ Dan Walsh, Editor-in-Chief

PS: Hope you like the new logo. Look for more exciting changes to MB, coming soon…

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Company Culture Do’s and Don’ts – Joe Bunn
7 Skillsets of No Fail Trust – Jason O. Harris
Concentration vs. Competition – Matt Martindale

A Backup for the Backup? – Stu Chisholm

Quickmixing 101 – Staci Nichols
Something for Everyone – Jay Maxwell

Island Celebration: Hanson Nguyen – Mike Cordeiro
DJ Robin Hood Rocks the Rockies – Mike Cordeiro

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