Mobile Beat #177 – December 2017 – Prep for Success!

December 26, 2016 by Dan Walsh


Prep for Success in 2017…

…and one of the best ways to grow your skills, your business and your life in the new year is to attend Mobile
Beat Las Vegas 21, March 13-16, 2017, at the Tropicana Casino & Resort in Las Vegas. To whet your appetite for the big event, we’re serving up a first course of material by our top-flight presenters. Look for the next helping in the January issue. We have a well-stocked buffet of actionable info, technical education, business acumen, and straight-up inspiration to help you make your life as a DJ the best it can be!

Dan Walsh, Editor in Chief

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MBLV21 Presenters, Part 1

Celebrate Life – Marcello Pedalino
RISE Above the Noise – Vickie Musni
Mastering Mitzvahs – Howard Wallach
What’s the Key That Unlocks the Sale? – Jeffrey Gitomer
The Long and Winding Road – Mad Joe Martin
Going For It Early – Mike Walter
Passionate Pro – Bryan Foley
Toast Health! – Tom Haibeck


Roland DJ-808 Controller – Brad Feingold
Odyssey Remix Mk2 Series – Ryan Burger
BOSE TECH UPDATE: Applying Array Tech to Portable Sound, Pt 3 – Robert Lindquist

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