Mobile Beat #166 – NOVEMBER 2015

November 6, 2015 by Dan Walsh
MB 166 Cover - smMobile Beat #166 – NOVEMBER 2015  –  ONLINE NOW, IN MAILBOXES SOON

We all know that serving people is at the core of running a successful DJ business. It’s obvious but also something that we should be careful not to take for granted. To facilitate your people-focus, we are offering an interesting variety of articles this time around.

We are also looking at “people power” from the DJ’s perspective. Are you a solo DJ thinking about going multi-op? A solo part-timer looking at the leap into full time? There’s something for you inside, wherever you are on your career path.

As far a specific people re concerned, in this issue, we proudly unveil a new column, in partnership with Peavey, that will put the spotlight on Peavey DJ product users. First up, DJ/producer Keith Shocklee, of Public Enemy fame. (Also note that Keith will also be at the DJ Takeover at MBLV20, sponsored by Peavey.)

Another new feature of note is “Photo Booths in Focus,” dealing with this add-on technology that many DJs have leveraged for greater profits. We hope this issue gives you some fresh perspectives on serving the people in your world, whether they’re clients, employees or others. And don’t forget to take care of yourself too!

~ Dan Walsh, Editor-in-Chief


People Power…or Guest Request Overload? Staci Nichols
Feeling the Shine of Full Time DJ Dayna
Multi-Op Essentials Jason Weldon
Positive People Perspective Jim Papa
Your Couple’s Wedding, Their Way Donnie Lewis Book Review: The Secrets of DJing The Perfect Wedding by Jason Parkinson
7 Things DJs Do That Drive Wedding Clients Nuts! – Stephanie Padovani




DJS SPIN ON PEAVEY: Keith Shocklee

PHOTO BOOTHS IN FOCUS: Mobile Photo Booth: Reloaded / Darkroom Booth 2 Software – Ryan Burger


Covering MB (Stories Behind Classic MB Covers) – By Mike Buonaccorso

What’s Old Is New Again (Re-Spinning Classics) – Stu Chisholm
From a Strong Start to an Impressive Finish – Jay Maxwell
A Piece of His Heart: Bert Berns – Mike Ficher
Billboard: Charting the Hits for 75 Years – Mike Ryan

Jason Spencer, MBLV20 Presenter
Adam Skuba

Flyboost Social Media Software Aggregator – Jason Jani
To Amp or Not to Amp? – Scott Jarema
KRK Rokit 8 G3 Powered Desktop Monitors – Jake Feldman
Crown XLS DriveCore™ 2 Series: XLS 1502 Amp – Michael Buonaccorso, Jr.
EV EKX-12P / EKX-18SP – By Jake Feldman
HK Audio Lucas Nano 600 and Element System – Marc Andrews
Vocopro DKP-3 SD Card Karaoke Player – Michael Buonaccorso

Telling Time Where to Go, What to Do – Dave Ramsey

This Place Couldn’t Survive Without Me… – Jeffrey Gitomer

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