January 15, 2013 by Dan Walsh

MOBILE BEAT #147 – JANUARY 2013 – ONLINE NOW – Print version hitting mailboxes soon!

As much as we MAY try to avoid cliches, occasionally an overused expression puts up a good fight to avoid being replaced. Case in point: WOW.

How to build WOW? Let us count the ways… Matt Blank takes a fresh look at dinner-hour music mixing; Rob Johnson pitches a talent contest concept; Mike Ficher shows how the iconic Grateful Dead can teach us something about the “next level” of branding; Arnoldo Offermann takes a proactive approach to building positive perceptions; and we talk to David Moricca about Mixify, an online portal connecting DJs and audiences in a totally new way. Plus, two writers look at how behind-the-scenes activities can impact your wow factor: Jason Weldon preaches the benefits of the reading habit; and Stu Chisholm makes a good case for the truth of the adage “practice makes perfect.”

The importance of standing out from the crowd in the realm of business cannot be underestimated. In this issue, Stephanie Padovani describes how telling the right story can help you connect better with brides; John Stiernberg turns some “resolutions” into a solid plan for reevaluating and reinvigorating your business for 2013; and Jeffrey Gitomer talks about going way beyond expectations.

The Mobile Beat Show provides an incredible number of ways to help you raise your wow factor to the highest volume possible. If you still haven’t made plans to attend, there’s still time…don’t miss out! In this issue, you can check out some wisdom from show keynote speaker Jon Acuff and a great discussion with evening headliner, Lou Gramm, “the voice of Foreigner.”


GEAR… “Cutting the Cord on Uplighting” (Jim Weisz); “Build Your Own DJ Computer System – Pt 2 of 2” (Richard McCoy); reviews of Mashup software. Blizzard Lighting and Neo-Neon (Ryan Burger); Profile of CHAUVET’s VIP Rewards Program

MUSIC… “The Season of Love” (Jay Maxwell); “25 Years of Hysteria” (Rick Ellis); “We Have a List of a Few Songs We’d Like to Hear…” (Michael Edwards)

PEOPLE… “Inside Astro Entertainment” (Ryan Burger); “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” (Paul Kida, The DJ Coach); “Hiring and Balancing” (Dave Ramsey); “What’s Next?” (Jim Papa)


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