August 29, 2012 by Dan Walsh


It can be the most difficult thing to do: deciding when it’s time to make your move.

In this issue, publisher Ryan Burger talks to a number of DJ company owners who made the move to bigger, better business locations…and reaped rewards for doing so. On the subject of moving gear, Stu Chisholm shows you how to GET SET FOR BETTER SOUND with better speaker placement, while tech editor Jake Feldman covers organizing your gear to GET IT ALL TOGETHER, as well as different PA arrangements to DIVIDE AND CONQUER IN different situations.

Mike Ficher offers some thoughts on how to make better use of the space in which you find yourself performing,by asking WHERE DO YOU LIVE? Meanwhile, Rob Johnson shows how the go-anywhere nature of mobile game shows means that there’s NO SUCH THING AS A BAD LOCATION. Looking at how mobiles get from here to there, Mike Ryan serves up a big helping of tips for DJ vehicle preparedness.

We’re all on a journey, and looking at others’ pathways can yield insights into our own. In this spirit, we offer a profile of Location DJs (DJ Michael Paul and DJ John Joseph) hear about how they manage LIVING IN MULTIPLE DIMENSIONS of mobile and club work. And Rick Ellis describes the beloved host’s road from small town radio DJ to rock & roll taste maker, in DICK CLARK REMEMBERED.

Speaking of rock & roll, Jay Maxwell says IT’S ONLY ROCK & ROLL, BUT I LIKE IT as he tips his hat to the genre with a list of classics designed to rock your shows. In SINGING A NEW SONG, those on the lookout for unique wedding music will be interested in our profile of songwriter Tony Carter and what he has to offer DJs. Matt Blank zeros in on the end of the gig, in YOUR LAST SONG IS THEIR FIRST MEMORY.

Before there’s a last song, there’s the process of building a business and getting the gig. We welcome MBLV speaker Stephanie Padovani to the business pages to share fresh ways to Book more brides WITH Facebook.


A School Sales Tune-Up with Arnoldo Offermann; The Cheapest Option May Cost You More, by tax/finance expert Mark Battersby; John Stiernberg on Planning Your Operations and Infrastructure; inspiration and motivation from The DJ Coach, Paul Kida, in Don’t Let Life Get in the Way, and from Jason Weldon as he warns that No You Won’t do it tomorrow—so take steps now to make it happen!

PRODUCT REVIEWS INCLUDE: Versatile Line 6 StageSource Speakers; CHAUVET’S Freedom LED Series and American Audio’s updated VMS 4.1 controller.

PLUS: Check out page 10 for a major update on the quickly approaching MOBILE BEAT Las Vegas DJ show and conference set for 2013: MBLV17. Another awesome February event is taking shape, so don’t miss making the journey to the Entertainment Capitol to start your year off on the right foot!

– Dan Walsh, Editor-In-Chief

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