MOBILE BEAT #142 – MAY 2012

April 25, 2012 by Dan Walsh



In this issue, we take a closer look at a theme that you’ll find in every MB issue to some degree: how to expand your services to boost your bottom line…

Although he is humble enough to admit he didn’t invent the idea of diversifying your DJ portfolio, Stu Chisholm has, literally, “written the book” on the subject: The Complete Disc Jockey (along with its namesake column in MB). This time around, he covers some unique opportunities available in the sports realm in FIGURE SKATING? In MAKING AN ENTRANCE INTO EVENT LIGHTING, new columnist Matt Windsor shares his company’s experience in setting up a dedicated lighting division. And since Midweek Money most often involves going beyond the typical DJ job description, Rob Johnson reminds us about some of the great opportunities currently available to broaden your horizons, in MUCH MORE THAN “JUST A DJ.”

When it comes to expanding your services, it can be tempting to just dive in head first and splash around in the pool of new income opportunities. Always the voice of economic reason, John Stiernberg counsels against this approach, and offers some tools for actually thinking expansion through thoroughly as he asks IS BIGGER ALWAYS BETTER? Often the answer to that question is no—especially when you realize that whatever you do, you need to do it really well in order to get and keep business, let alone grow your company. In Jason Weldon’s Last Word, a well-known eatery’s offerings point to the logic of focusing your business; maybe you should just PICK TWO.

Of course, big changes aren’t always necessary to add income. For example, do you use your school connections to generate summer party business? Mark Johnson looks at how to do this and other YOUTH EVENT OPPORTUNITIES FOR SUMMER. And school gig guru Arnoldo Offerman helps you “Learn to Lunch Jam” thus teaching yet another way to access the youth market.

Mobile Beat is all about educating DJs, and Publisher Ryan Burger takes an opportunity in this issue to share his perspective on the magazine’s mission. And so we also provide hits of knowledge on a variety of relevant DJ topics: 8 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR WEB PRESENCE (Jim Weisz), RULING YOUR DIGITAL DOMAIN: FILE MANAGEMENT ESSENTIALS (Rich McCoy), and always waxing a little philosophical, Mike Ficher takes a DEFINING MOMENT to ask, “What is an entertainer.” DJ Coach Paul Kida highlights the importance of two things that should be common in business, but are not as prevalent as they should be: INTEGRITY & COURTESY.

But just in case we sound like we’re taking ourselves a little too seriously with the educational and ethical talk, we invited our old friend Dr. Shock Jock back for a cameo book review appearance

For the second issue in a row, we feature a Rick Ellis profile of a recently passed pop star. (Sorry, Rick.) Sad as the death of former Monkee DAVY JONES was, Rick is still able to celebrate the life and work of a performer whose primary mission was to bring smiles and laughs to millions.

Dan Walsh, Editor-In-Chief

P.S. – Don’t miss our new FEATURED DEALER LISTING (p.34), pointing you toward DJ gear retailers where you or your gear-buying buddies can score a free copy of Mobile Beat when you hit the bricks-and-mortar tech mart to make an actual in-person purchase.

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