March 20, 2012 by Dan Walsh

MOBILE BEAT, #141 – MARCH 2012

Our yearly focus on gear is upon us and we have no shortage of ways to look at that all-important DJ topic…

There’s the wide-angle view afforded us by gear editor Jake Feldman, as he gives his NAMM REPORT, and also shares his full-on production company experience in RATCHETING UP THE REVENUE. Then we zero in, as Stu Chisholm separates laser facts from fiction, in LASER DANGER: HORROR OR HYPE? In UPLIGHTING DONE RIGHT, Michael Edwards pulls no punches in discussing the need for a professional approach to this trending upset. Rich McCoy, our newest gear-related columnist (new to us, that is; he brings over four decades of engineering and entertainment experience to bear) offers some good advice on SYSTEM INTEGRATION for your computer-based DJ rig. Mike Buonaccorso, Jr. also takes the latest DJAY SOFTWARE for Mac for a spin. Jim Weisz shares some gig-tested TIPS FOR BETTER SETUPS. And John Stiernberg even suggests you should UPGRADE YOUR (GEAR) IMAGE to positively influence your prospective clients’ perceptions.

Thinking of your performances and business as the functioning of a “well-oiled machine,” we also offer some ideas for improving many aspects of your DJ enterprise:
Ric Hansen provides 5 KEYS TO SUCCESSFUL SUBCONTRACTING. Jeffrey Gitomer counsels us to GET TRAINING IN ORDER—THE CORRECT ORDER. Jay Levinson reveals  HOW GUERRILLAS ECONOMIZE. BEING AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS AND USING THEM… is Rob Johnson’s topic this time around. Geoff Short also provides ample “gig emergency” advice with HEADED FOR DISASTER…BUT THE SHOW MUST GO ON.

Focusing in on people, we go Inside the Industry with ArmDJs conference creator ROBBIE BRITTON, and we profile RYAN KELLINGHAUS, DJ & EDUCATOR and get his unique dual perspective on youth gigs. In STEPPING OUT OF THE SPOTLIGHT, Mike Ryan talks attitude adjustment. Arnoldo Offerman draws on personal experience to show how to MAKE THE PHOTOGRAPHER SMILE and work better with this important fellow vendor. DJ Coach Paul Kida asks HOW DO THEY REALLY SEE US? and gets some feedback from other vendors in a very eye-opening report. And on a tragic note, Rick Ellis pays tribute to a fallen diva in WHITNEY HOUSTON: GONE TOO SOON.

Also inside the March 2012 issue of Mobile Beat: Stu Chisholm on VOCAL PRESERVATION; Jay Maxwell on using JUST THE RIGHT SPICE, musically speaking; Mark Johnson making a real-world comparison in VALUE ADDED RETAILER VS. DOING IT YOURSELF; and finally, Jason Weldon speaking of BUILDING A BETTER “BOX”–that is, the importance of knowing your “box” of DJ goals before trying to “think outside” it.

There you have it: lot’s of great info to help you “gear up for success.” Open up your digital or print copy of MB March 2012 and get cranking…

Dan Walsh, Editor-In-Chief

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