Mixware partners with Mixfader as the Exclusive US Distributor of the world’s first Wireless Fader!

December 6, 2016 by Mobile Beat

LOS ANGELES (December 5, 2016) – The Mixfader represents the future of portable scratching with the world’s first wireless portable fader.  It preserves the feel and grip of an everyday fader, while opening up new creative avenues for the art of turntablism. For the first time in the portable scratching history, a portable fader is compatible with both Timecode and standard audio vinyl!

Mixfader works like a typical DJ-mixer crossfader by easily adapting to your individual scratching technique. It features a double-side cut so you can seamlessly scratch with either your left or your right hand. Whether you scratch regular or hamster (reverse), both sides of Mixfader are usable.

It is also a full functioning MIDI device that can be used with DJ & production software including Serato, Traktor, or GarageBand. Simply choose your MIDI mode and assign the control change number of your choice from the accompanying Mixfader app.

Up to 7 Mixfader can be connected at the same time to any IOS, Android, Windows Mobile, & OSX device! The midi functionality allows you to assign parameters such as pitch and filter effects to different faders across your rig. Compatible with software such as.

Constructed from unibody aluminum, the Mixfader is rock solid ensuring incredibly high shock resistance. Its weight is sufficient enough to handle the back-and-forth movements of your hand during a set.

Mixfader will be available for $129.99 at all Mixware retailers in December 2016. Go here to find your nearest retailer.

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