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January 18, 2017 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

DJ controllers: No matter what type you use, they’ve become the norm for the majority of DJs. Maybe not for vinyl DJs, but certainly for the wedding DJs and many others, the controller has become something that this industry can’t live without.

But the question is, what do you really get? There are hundreds of different controllers to choose from, and new ones come out almost every month. So you have to choose between Pioneer, Numark and even American DJ, just to name a few. And when it comes down to choosing, the bells and whistles can make all the difference. Looking to another brand—one that’s not as well known to a lot of DJ—one controller that I was able to try out recently was the Roland DJ 808. Compared to the others, this controller has something that the others don’t have: rhythm. Let me explain.

There are two sections of this controller that separate it from any of the others. There is the basic mixing control that everyone is used to. And then there is the sequencer. But we will get back to that in a bit.

The controller portion is very smooth for those who have never mixed before. With the standard 4-channel sliders, the 808 allows you to mix very easily through four tracks within the Serato software that comes as part of the package.

Jog control for mixing cueing and scratching is extremely important when dealing with controllers. And mark my words, this controller has it! I compared the control with the one on the Pioneer DJSR, which is a good controller. I found the 808 to be even smoother. Although it was not 100% equal to vinyl, it was very close.

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