Mixed In Key is pleased to announce the release of Flow DJ mixing software

November 27, 2013 by Mobile Beat

flowdjsoftware_header5Mixed In Key is pleased to announce the release of Flow DJ mixing software. Designed from the ground up to be exactly what we wanted mixing software to be, Flow introduces an entirely new workflow to DJing that is as immediately comfortable as it is unique. Combined with a unique feature set that emphasizes simplicity and creativity over clutter, Flow produces truly original, exciting results from any DJ.

Flow’s clean interface is divided into three parts: Preparation, Play, and Export. Having three separate screens provides a natural workflow for DJing. You can preview your music, create playlists, and prepare your set in the Preparation view. It’s like iTunes for DJs. The Play screen is focused on playing on stage, with minimum distraction. The Export screen allows you to re-visit every DJ set you’ve played using Flow.

Another strong feature that’s unique to Flow is the ability to mix between different segments within the same track. You can re-arrange the song while it’s playing live to create your own remixes. One of our favorite quotes from the beta was: “This is like playing with LEGOs.”

Our groundbreaking Energy detection is also featured, which allows you to see how energetic your songs and their segments are on a 1-10 scale. This allows you to know which songs and parts to play at just the right time – at a glance.

The algorithm from the forthcoming version of Mixed In Key’s latest key detection software “Mixed In Key 6” is also included. This, in tandem with our Energy and BPM detection, introduces another exciting first: the Dynamic Playlist. This helps you find compatible songs to what’s currently playing, making it much easier to sort a large music collection quickly.

Flow DJ Software is now available for $58, and works on both Windows and Mac OS X. It supports all MIDI controllers, but can also be used with just a mouse or touchpad.

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About Mixed In Key LLCMixed In Key LLC is a DJ-powered company launched in Washington, D.C. Founded by Yakov Vorobyev in 2006, Mixed In Key LLC quickly gained recognition for creating the #1 harmonic mixing DJ tool of the same name. Mixed In Key software is currently used by tens of thousands of professional DJs, as well as Grammy® award-winning producers. Over 97% of customers would recommend Mixed In Key to their friends. Mixed In Key fans include David Guetta, Kaskade, Pete Tong, Sasha, Markus Schulz, Sebastian Ingrosso, and many more.

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