Millennial Branding and Personality Pt 2

February 11, 2019 by Michael Cordeiro

In the first part of this blog I touched on how Millennial’s interact and make connections. They value authenticity and like to follow people’s “stories”. Millennial’s follow You Tubers more than TV shows. A big part of making a connection with them is personality and how you tell your story. Millennial’s want to be part of your journey.

Recently, I took part in a webinar series from my Alma Mater Johnson & Wales University. The webinar focused on the importance of personal branding and changes in how companies hire and fire personnel. Your online presence will count more than your physical resume in the near future. The webinar broke down several key factors you should be doing to attract your ideal client and max your online presence.

First buy and register your personal name as a domain. Literally own yourself on the web. Create a one page website that can act as online resume and FAQ page about you. This helps to control and guide what information pops up about you in a Google search. Trust me, companies and clients are googling you!

The second thing you should do is house keeping on your Social Media pages. Change your settings to private. Block people who are argumentative or post off color remarks. Avoid political and religious posts. Delete any weird, angry or profane posts. Why should you do this? As a business owner you have to view social media solely as a tool to promote your best self and not as the wild west “say what you want” and damn the consequences because it’s my page mentality.

Curate, curate curate! The old saying that content is king on social media is quickly being replaced by the phrase, “Curation is King”. Curation is the practice of posting images on social media that capture the viewers attention, tell a story and make the viewer want to be part of that experience. Curated images are well thought out, authentic, show emotion and leave people wanting more.

Think of curation this way; you can throw a bunch of small rocks into a pond and get a lot of little ripples or you can throw one big rock and make some waves that reach across the whole thing. Instead of posting twenty times a day post only one or two images that really have meaning and showcase who you are and what you do. I would venture to say that Jason Jani is probably one of the best curators in our industry. Follow his pages for ideas.

The other part of the webinar focused on personality. It addressed why we have trouble sometimes in connecting with clients and companies. Even though we are well suited to provide what they need, we just can’t get on the same page with them. According to the webinar, understanding your personality type will help to define your ideal client and present yourself to the right market.

The way to do this is by taking a personality test. The most comprehensive is the Myers – Briggs test. It breaks down and identifies the sixteen most common personality types and who they are compatible with. Having a solid understanding of who you are and how you communicate will help you to tailor your message to the right clients.

The Meyers – Briggs test is not free. You can take similar tests at: Truity, 16personalities and Humanmetrics. For comparison I took all three and the results were very similar. My personality type is ENFP. After you take each test your results are broken down by characteristics, compatibility and careers that match your personality type. I also recommend two books by author an DJ industry pro Vicki Musni: Personalities for Business and Creating Connections.

The DJ world is rapidly changing both technologically and socially. Even small town DJ’s must have more of a “world” view in order to prosper. Remember this, in the world of social media and globalization what we do impacts people all over. That little country wedding you did last weekend could be seen around the world thanks to the internet.

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