Millennial Branding and Personality Pt. 1

February 2, 2019 by Michael Cordeiro

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[et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”] There’s a lot of talk on forums and in seminars about the complexity of reaching millennial couples, especially brides. The way they communicate, socialize and interact is radically different from brides just a decade ago. Are they more difficult? No, we’re just not speaking their language. Do they want and value the same things? Yes, they just ask for them in a different way.

All the normal communication channels like email, phone calls, snail mail and even Facebook fail to connect with them. My sixteen year old daughter tells me that Facebook is for old people? Say, what? I’m not old, I’m a DJ; we never age. Maybe we don’t age but our methods certainly do. Where does my daughter spend most of her social media time? Instagram and Snap Chat mostly. What is she doing there? Following people’s stories and “streaks”.

I would venture to say that the millennial generation is the most vicarious generation ever. This is evident by the millions of hours spent following people on You Tube. My daughter hardly watches T.V. anymore which is a good thing I guess. She’s replaced it with endless hours of watching her favorite “You Tubers”. She has a favorite makeup artist, video game player, hair person, photography person, dancer, rapper, etc…

Imagine being someone’s favorite You Tube DJ? Talk about building an audience and a following that wants your product! This is the future folks. Word of caution before you run out, start a You Tube channel and load it with a bunch of self DJ videos trying to act young. Don’t! A key thing is that the millennial generation values authenticity. They can smell fake a mile away. Millennial’s hate posers.

So what should be your game plan? First, research on You Tube. Find out who’s popular and why. Talk to social media experts (like at MBLV23) and define your demographic. Understand the population statistics in your area. Tailor your message and content to reach the prospects that actually live in your market.

Another key ingredient to this equation is personality. We are all attracted to people with the similar values and likes. Millennial’s are no different save for the way in which they formulate opinions of others and whether or not they are compatible with that person, product or brand. This is definitely heavily influenced by social media. How you represent yourself across social media platforms is going to be directly related to how well your business does in the future.

Remember kids born in the year 2000 will be turning twenty next year. The year 1990 was almost 30 years ago! Personal branding is going to overtake corporate branding in the near future. Many companies are already hiring and firing based on social media profiles. Think about that for now. I’ll get more into personal branding in part two of this blog post.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]

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