Milestones Looking Back – To Look To The Future

July 3, 2016 by Mike Ficher

Milestones: They provide convenient launching points to reflect on where we have been and to peavey-fischerproject where we might be going.

For Mobile Beat, three milestones, serendipitously coinciding with this issue, offer a rich opportunity to tender observations and thoughts in both directions.

This issue marks the 25th anniversary of Mobile Beat #1, an ambitious, well-intentioned start-up that emerged as a critical fulcrum in the burgeoning mobile DJ business. The fact that the publication is still going strong a quarter of a century later is a testament to its timing, evolution and responsiveness to the needs of its market.


How far the mobile DJ has come in the last two plus decades. How little the business has changed.

Oh, music is still a core ingredient in the DJ toolbox. In 1991, tunes were primarily delivered via records or compact discs. MP3 was still two years away from public release and several years away from mobile acceptance.

Now, while vinyl is still fashionable for many club DJs, mobiles almost exclusively operate in the domain of digital audio. The goal, though, is still the same—to energize a crowd with musical selections. Entertainers now have 25 more years of songs to tap!

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