December 1, 2018 by Dan Walsh


This Is How WE Do It: Events from All Over

Inside this milestone 200th issue of Mobile Beat you’ll find a helpful collection of ideas, advice and observations on the topic of multicultural or intercultural or ethnic wedding receptions. We’ve packed a lot of practical tips into this one, so take a close look to see if there’s something you can use in service of your next client looking to celebrate their heritage.

We also profile DJ Whit Taylor, who has blazed her own unique path as a leading DJ in the Middle Eastern party capital of Doha, Qatar. And back in North America, Kevin Freese takes a virtual “road trip” and gets a feel for the variety of traditions DJs across the US and Canada facillitate on a regular basis.

As we pass mile post #200, we pause to thank you, dear readers, for continuing to look to the post-paper-based Mobile Beat as a source of solid, useful information in this fast-moving, digital age. Here’s to the next hundred!

~ Dan Walsh, Editor-in-Chief

Reception Road Trip – Kevin Freese
Celebrating Culture at Wedding Receptions – Matt Martindale
Latin Weddings for Gringo DJs – Staci Nichols
Traditions Across Space and Time – Stu Chisholm
Ethnic Wedding Survival Guide – Bob Lindquist

DJ Whit Taylor: Spinning Around the Globe – DJ Dayna
DJ Spen: Building House and Spinning Joy – Mike Cordeiro



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