Mike Buonaccorso named DJU Dean

May 12, 2008 by Mobile Beat

Michael Buonaccorso, who co-founded Mobile Beat Magazine and has been the producer of all of the MB trade shows, has recently been appointed to head up the new and revamped version of ProDJ’s Disc Jockey University.

Since its inception in 1995. the ProDJ.com network of resources has continued to grow. Disc Jockey University, established in 1999,was another of these ever expanding avenues to provide education to the industry.

“I can’t think of too many people in this industry who can bring such a broad range of knowledge and experience to this undertaking,” said Ryan Burger, ProDJ Publisher. “Mike has been involved in so many significant Mobile Beat projects over the years with successful results.”

Buonaccorso, having spent many years reviewing and editing content for the magazine, as well as interviewing and selecting presenters at MB trade shows feels education is a key to keeping ahead of the competition, whether it be online or offline. He is interested in seeking out new contributors to DJU, as well as tying together much of the foundation content of Mobile Beat.

“Change is the big buzzword for 2008,” says Buonaccorso. “So it can be applied here as well. Share your ideas with us, and express your opinions. We want you to be a part of what’s planned!”

Mike can be reached at mb@mobilebeat.com

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