Mike Buonaccorso Has Left the Building—Sort of…

June 28, 2016 by Robert Lindquist

In this interview, Mike Buonaccorso, co-founder of Mobile Beat and architect of twenty Mobile Beat odyssey-buonaccorsoLas Vegas Shows, reflects back on the last 25-plus years in a discussion with the other original co-founder, Robert Lindquist. Between the two of them, they have seen and shaped much of the history of the mobile DJ industry during the magazine’s two- and-a-half decades and the two decades of the trade show / conference.

Mike gave up his “official” show producer position following the 2016 MBLV event, having spent 15 years as co-owner, and another 10 as an employee of the new management when the magazine changed hands in 2006.

B L : How did you first get involved with Mobile Beat?

M B : As you know, in the late ‘80s/early ‘90s, the common form of educating a new DJ was this: Hire an assistant. After one assist, they’re on their own. This mentality was more rule than exception. It’s hard to imagine where we would be today if this mindset had discouraged the innovators in the new field. Would trained professionals simply drop from the sky? About this same time, I was trying to outline a program for DJ training with you, as I’m sure you recall. We had previ- ously shared notes and ideas about the operations of our local DJ businesses. A rarity of the day: networking!

You had written the first known book for mobile DJs, Spinnin’ which we would use for the textbook. Between that and your PR experience, and my teaching and sales experience, we decided to pool our talents and develop the “Spinnin’ 2000 Disc Jockey Training Course.” It was meant to be an intensive training course to cover the fundamentals of the profession. The local market was not impressed by the simple concept for an education (aka willing to pay money for it), so the DJ training school was closed before it opened.

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Robert Lindquist has been involved in the DJ profession since 1967, when he built a make-shift sound system from spare parts in order to provide music for a birthday party. From that point on, he supplemented his day-jobs in radio, TV and advertising by DJ’ing in clubs and for weddings and corporate events. In 1987, he was encouraged to share his DJ experience in writing, which led to the release of “Spinnin’” at the initial DJ Times Expo in Atlantic City.Recognizing the need for a publication dedicated to Mobile DJs, he created Mobile Beat “The DJ magazine” in 1990. In addition to still being a sound tech and DJ/MC for weddings, he is a producer of video content writes for several audio publications and blogs. He is also a partner in Las Vegas based Level 11 Media, which maintains several Web sites and digital publications for musicians and touring sound engineers and is an IMDb listed actor and voice talent.

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