Mic on the Spot By: Ryan Burger

September 15, 2013 by Aaron Burger

mb151_108Galaxy Audio is a company that has been serving mobile DJs for years with products that are popular within the DJ industry but are not a major topic of DJ discussion. Their gear quietly fills needs that DJs have, without making a big splash. When they contacted us late last year with news of some products that are more specifically geared to DJs I was excited about the opportunity to spread the word on this company.

The first product they sent is from their Any Spot Wireless Microphone Systems line and is called the ECD Twin Pack, which includes a receiver and two transmitters, in varying configurations. The ECDR receiver unit is a dual-channel system that works within the UHF band with selectable channels and a 150′ quoted range. I got an effective distance of 100′ insteRad, but of course the 150′ is based on ideal circumstances, as all manufacturers quote on such wireless products.

For a two-mic system at a price point averaging $200, this is a fantastic piece of electronics. The unit sent to me included one handheld and one headset, but it also comes in dual handheld, dual headset, headset+lav, and handheld+lav versions.

A mixed 1/4″ output includes both mics. The volumes of the two signals can be mixed internally with front facing volume control. The sound from the unit was good in my usage of the handheld and of the headset.

We are looking forward to reviewing Galaxy’s new CTS series, which is up around $499, more like the Line 6 and EV digital units we are used to using for our company. Look for a review soon.


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