MEP7000 – “Multiple Entertainment Personalities” by J. Richard Roberts

July 22, 2008 by Mobile Beat

Pioneer has taken another large step in the direction of the working mobile DJ with the release of the MEP 7000. The Unit, short for Multiple Entertainment Player, offers the same basic functions as the CDJ series. All comparisons and similarities end there, however, as the MEP 7000 has the ability to play not only CDs, but CD-ROMS, DVD-ROMS, CD-G (Karaoke), and USB media. In addition to standard CD audio discs, the MEP 7000 will also play AAC and Mp3 discs with on screen folder navigation.

The 7000 is the only unit on the market with a 4.5″ color LCD screen, which possesses stunning color and contrast. Also adding to its versatility and use as a full-fledged Karaoke system, the 7000 has a monitor out that will function as a tele-prompter in a gig setting (or for those who would like the display bigger). While already a great stand alone player of a variety of different sources, the MEP 7000 can also be used as a controller of Pioneer’s own DJ software on most windows based PCs, giving you a controller and player all in one unit.

Effects Galore
Most of us Mobile DJs have been limited by what effects we have received on CD units. We had pitch and tempo, but not too much else. On the 7000, we have a battery to choose from, including phase, echo, Trans, and filter just to name a few (completely TAP controllable). The requisite loop functions are also there, as well as scratch and the aforementioned pitch and tempo.

Navigating files is as scrolling though folders, as there is no need for a keyboard. Switching between sources is also very simple thanks to navigation buttons located on the bottom of the “home screen.” After a couple of hours toying with the unit, even the most novice jock will find him or herself at home. (Do yourself a favor and watch the online “tips and tricks” tutorials)

I really liked this unit because it gave me the option to integrate CDs back into my rig, which was something that I had phased out completely. I grew tired of having to import every one-off (song I will guarantee you I will play only once) into my system. Nut as it is a hybrid; I don’t have to lug all CDs around either, as all of my digital music plugs right in via USB. Another very handy feature is the ability to play Karaoke with the second monitor output. Much more than that, however, was my ability to learn the system in a span of a couple of hours and be prepared for any format a guest, event planner, or inebriated karaoke patron challenges me with at the click of a button.If other systems are ahead of their time, this system has already been to the future and rescued Doc Brown, then has come back to present day and presented you with an easy menu of playback formats.

Full extensive review of the MEP is coming soon in print, in Mobile Beat Magazine

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