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October 19, 2010 by Mobile Beat

Despite having 21 years of professional DJ experience under his belt, the excitement and fascination for the lifestyle will never fade for Troy Woodman. Troy says, “When you are able to give people a place in time of their lives to not worry about the struggles that they might have at that moment, they can enjoy the journey you send them on. For however many hours, you get a chance to give people LIFE back; it’s worth it.” Troy understands that the connection goes far deeper than the money and fame, since even the low-paying gigs are a thrill. “There’s got to be more to this thing called DJing…and that’s what it is for me.”

Troy quickly realized that his passion and drive to become a professional DJ was strong, but due to a lack of gear to practice on, he knew he needed to find a way. Luckily, a close friend he had grown up with, Mr. Gonzo, had already begun his DJ career. Troy asked if he could help with his set-ups and tear downs during his gigs, and if he could learn the trade by practicing with Gonzo’s gear. Troy would immediately learn that this is what DJs refer to as “paying your dues”. Every day when he had the time after school, he would spend 2-4 hours learning with Gonzo the basics of music counts and mixing techniques. After a couple shows of dedicated loyalty, Troy found his chance to shine when his friend needed a few moments to take a short break. He dropped his first record that day, and to his surprise the crowd didn’t even notice that they had switched DJs. To his even bigger surprise, Troy learned later that was Gonzo’s plan all along, and he was silently observing his apprentice from afar the whole time. After that moment of do-or-die dedication, he was hooked.

DJ Troy Woodman now works all along the West Coast, and his territory stretches all the way from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon. Although he has possessed an active interest in music for years, he officially started his DJ career in 1989. At that time, he went by the name DJ Wheddo, but after having the privilege of performing with some of the best DJs in the world, he was told that the best way to be identified was by using the name you were born with – it’s easier to cash checks that way!

Troy describes himself as a mixer; making clean transitions from one song to the next and taking his crowd along with him. Scratching is used only as an accent, but never to overpower the songs. His superior mixing style allows his crowds to create a constant party atmosphere where each track is hotter than the last. He knows that crowds can change and you need to be able to react and adapt at moment’s notice. Troy states, “If done right you may get people coming to you saying , ‘I would have not have normally danced to that track…but that was hot’, you know you did your job; and you just added some change in that person’s life.”

It is never lost on Troy how important respect and professionalism are in his field. He says “I give it and I get it. More than anything that should be just taught for life. There are too many hotheads and egos, if you are good at anything in life, let society give you praise.” Running his own production company, Troy has been told that a client has held onto his card for 8 years to do their event. It is that kind of dedication from clients that humbles him. Troy considers himself fortunate and feels an overwhelming sense of pride in doing what he does for a living. His career has taken him all over the West Coast, to Las Vegas, and even to Australia. He will never forget the time when he was given the opportunity to be a part of the US Figure Skating Championship in 2005 in Portland, Oregon. A bitter winter storm forced the city’s roads to close, causing the Event Promoter to question if the event was able to even take place. Several of the other event’s entertainment had been cancelled, so Troy knew it was up to him to save the event from turning into a complete disaster. Determined to make it to the occasion, he left 5 hours early and very carefully drove 6 miles per hour to reach the venue. He says simply “I was taught the party must go on.”

In his spare time, DJ Troy Woodman enjoys watching movies, spending time with family and friends, barbecuing and watching football. He also relishes the opportunity to travel and take on new challenges in his career, by finding new locations and networking with fellow DJ’s to keep current. As Troy puts it, “I am breaking barriers and uniting worlds. That is DJ/VJ Troy.”

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