MBLV23 Recap

April 1, 2019 by Michael Cordeiro

Another amazing Mobile Beat Las Vegas conference has come and gone. It always takes me a week or so to decompress and really absorb everything I learned. The seminars were nothing short of informative, inspiring and down right emotional at times to the point where the whole ballroom was either laughing, cheering or crying.

Mike Walters crushed it from the opening with his “Why People Dance” seminar. Big Daddy Sean McKee had everyone singing and dancing in the aisles (at 9 am), Bryan Dodge had the whole room in stitches and Mark Ferrell had us all crying. Jason Jani rocked the week and dropped some knowledge on the last day. The entire week was like the roller coaster ride at New York New York Casino. In a good way…..

DMC brought the house down with a killer show and the networking opportunities were endless. Each morning hundreds of DJs would show up early (after partying all night at famous night clubs) to network and share ideas. I met guys from Hawaii, Canada and Europe. All of them showed up to learn and make new friends. As a Staff member I had the privilege of watching all these interesting dynamics play out and interacting with attendees on a whole different level.

I brought my family out a week early to enjoy the some of the national parks like the Grand Canyon where we experienced snow. sleet, rain and hail before lunch and over 75 degree temps after lunch. We went to the Valley of Fire which is one of the most breathtaking places I have ever seen. We decided to do something a little crazy and traveled on the E.T. Highway to Rachel Nevada. Home of Area 51 and the Little Alien Inn. We actually saw the famed “Camo” Dudes and got chased by one of the white pick up trucks (that’s another story). I highly recommend taking your family for a vacation to Vegas next year. You won’t regret it.
Passes are on sale right now for MBLV24. For the price of one wedding you can spend a week in Vegas, grow your business and write it off! How can you lose? Don’t believe me? Please check out my wrap up interviews in Mobile Beat Magazine. Honest feedback from real attendees.
Please enjoy my highlight video from our vacation and the show.


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