MBLV23 Checklist – Are You Really Ready To Go?

March 9, 2019 by Michael Cordeiro

Mobile Beat Las Vegas 23 is less than a week away. Time to start packing and finalizing all your travel details. At my house we all sit down and make a travel list before we leave on any vacation. I’m one of those people that start packing two weeks early. My wife and daughter usually wait until the night before, which always means last minute runs to Walmart to get something before we go. Hopefully you enjoyed my article in the January issue of Mobile Beat Magazine for first time attendees. Here is a quick packing and planning list to help get you on your way.

  1. Travel documents, hotel reservation, Plane tickets, boarding passes, confirmation numbers
  2. Credit cards, drivers license, cash ( large and small bills)
  3. TSA approved carry on bag and items
  4. Rental car reservation and copy of your personal car insurance policy
  5. Emergency phone number contact list (in case something happens to you)
  6. Phone numbers of hotel, rental car, etc.
  7. Mobile Beat Pass confirmation number
  8. Charger for phone, car and other devices
  9. Share your travel itinerary with a trusted friend or family member
  10. Medications
  11. Bathroom & hygiene supplies
  12. Clothing – business casual, light sweaters, jacket, sweat shirts, one suit, sunglasses
  13. Dress shoes and comfortable walking shoes
  14. Arrange transportation to and from airports and hotel
  15. Pens, notebooks, business cards
  16. Spare keys
  17. Screen shot all your reservations and ticket info on your phone. This way you have a quick easy to find picture
  18. Set “out of office” email reminders for clients
  19. Let clients know you’ll be checking emails and returning calls at certain times of the day (focus on learning)
  20. Positive attitude

Before leaving your house :

  1. Arrange to have your mail picked up or stopped
  2. Lock all doors and windows
  3. Lower the thermostat
  4. Set lights on timers
  5. Check the stove
  6. Unplug the iron
  7. Make sure your pets are all set
  8. Have someone stop by and check on your home while your away
  9. Live in snow country? Arrange for a plow truck if it snows while your in sunny Vegas
  10. Double check your kid’s suitcase
  11. Bringing family? Call the school and get all the homework.
  12. Protect your property! Don’t let the whole world know that your house is empty
  13. Start hydrating a few days before you leave (Vegas has super dry air)

If this is your first time attending Mobile Beat remember to prioritize your time there. Focus on why you came in the first place. To better your business. There are always great parties at MBLV and this year is no exception. Don’t let a hangover get in the way of learning. Moderation is the key. Please come up and say hi if you see me. On Thursday right after the last seminar I will be conducting wrap up interviews for Mobile Beat Magazine in the main hallway . We want your feedback on the conference. Please share. See you there.

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