MBLV17 By Ryan Burger

December 21, 2013 by Mobile Beat


In this issue we are celebrating all that is Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2013. I was talking with one exhibitor who was asking me about Vegas, and I explained to him this way. For those of you that know me this will make perfect sense, for the rest of you, do your best to follow the comparison…

All year long the World Wrestling Federation is building up to the next Wrestlemania. They are working on it all year long, they are hyping it, they are making plans for executing it, transporta- tion, logistics and videos, talent and everything. Promotionally they have that logo up at every one of their events, it’s on every magazine, everything. All the while, they work on their two or three weekly television shows,

other non-TV productions, their website, their magazine, their presence. It’s all about WWE and Wrestlemania.

That’s what it’s all about with Mobile Beat and MBLV. Show producer Michael Buonaccorso (in addition to being my advisor and “Godfather” of the DJ industry) spends almost the entire year living in the MBLV zone, working on it all year long. As I write this, I was just working with keynote presenters and some great new things we are planning for the 2014 Mobile Beat Las Vegas Show. No other company in the industry has the dedication, planning and organization needed to bring you such a great trade show better than the unique team I have here at Mobile Beat. This is an amazing event that can only be produced with my team.

Based on input from our clients (you), and ideas gleaned from other industries and mentors, we are very proud of the slate we have put together for you for MBLV17—our 17th Las Vegas DJ Conference.

In this issue you will find a hefty sampling of what the show is all about. But the only real way to experience it is to get there. If you are anywhere in North America, you can get yourself to the show for under $1,000—under $700 in most cases—and if you are in a state neighboring Nevada, you can pull off getting to the show for around $100 with a $20 exhibits and parties pass, some gas in your car and a hotel room!

Don’t miss out on you best opportunity of the year to see the newest gear, hear the best info, and network with an incredible community—your fellow DJs. Keynote speaker Jon Acuff puts it this way in our interview with him (see page 13):

Do you know what fear fears? Community, and that’s what you’re going to have at Mobile Beat…just the idea of being in a room with other people who speak your exact same language. I mean, that’s really powerful….for me, if I was a DJ, the opportunity to come and be in a room full of people that get me, and get similar ideas, and that I can learn from, to me that’s invaluable.”

Lets talk about finding a way to get you there. Email me at rb@mobilebeat.com or call me at 515-986-3300×300.

See you in Vegas,



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