MBLV09 Seminars Part #1 Released

November 21, 2008 by Michael Buonaccorso

The 2009 Mobile Beat DJ Show’s lineup of presentations is falling into place!

PLUS, in the next few days be looking for the SIX ADDITIONAL bonus seminars we are providing beginning at Noon Monday February 16. These bonus seminars are your gift for making the effort to arrive early!But here are some of the highlights you can look forward to as part of the three day core schedule running from February 17th through the 19th:

Mobile Beat is excited to announce two special combination presentations from two reknowned industry experts. Marketing guru shares his methods in a great series which includes;

Marketing and Selling to the 21st Century Bride Andy Ebon

25 years ago, the choices for marketing to the bride were limited: Print ads bridal shows and referrals. Now, wedding couples have instant access to info at any time from anywhere. Unfortuantely the ever increasing volume of communication is overwhelming their ability to filter and process information to make buying decisions. Hence, the evolution of Bridezilla, a woman who is overwhelmed by information excess. This presentation will discuss the symptoms and solutions, adjustments and enhancements that are critical to understanding how to effectively communicate in this digital age.

Introduction to New Social Media is A sampler about the various web-based and new technology communication vehicles, and how one can best use them to communicate with clients, prospects and peers. Including such things as LinkedIn, FaceBook, MySpace, Text Messaging, and Blogging.

And finally, Blogging Your Way To Business Success Andy will tell you why blogging should be more than an idea to consider, it should be mandatory to your business. Blogging adds an extra dimension to the understanding of your business by prospects and customers, alike. Most important, blogging is the single best thing you can do for search engine optimization to attract website traffic. Learn to read and understand your website statistics and what can be done to optimize their sites for search engine ranking.

You may have seen one of three of Jim Cerone’s “The Perfect Host.” But for the first time ever, Mobile Beat offers an opportunity to see all three parts during this years show!

Part 1 Who “hosts” your parties? You should! Known throughout the DJ industry as The Perfect Host, Jim Cerone will give you the Top 10 qualities you need to host your events. The Perfect Host Part 1 is the foundation of Jim’s series of seminars. You’ll learn how to do Show Prep, how to use the Preamble and how to head off T.R.O.U.B.L.E. Stop doing “gigs” and start “hosting” parties ! Then check out Part 2: Making Perfect Sense

Do you have good basic DJ skills, but can’t seem to get the audience’s attention? Part 2 of Jim Cerone’s Perfect Host series of seminars builds on the foundation of Part 1. Using more advanced techniques, Jim shows you how to identify, develop and use 10 new ways to Make Perfect Sense to your audience. Connect with your clients and their guests and you’ll get more word of mouth referrals. And finally, The Perfect Host,

Part 3 – What Do You Say?In the Perfect Host Part 1, Jim Cerone helped you build the foundation. In Part 2, he gave you advanced techniques to sharpen your senses and connect with your audience. Now, get ready for The Perfect Host Part 3, where Jim reveals why content is king. As the host, What You Say sets the tone for the entire event. Learn how to Edit In Your Head and Ban the Generic Banter. Leap to a whole new level with The Perfect Host series from Jim Cerone!

Generations: The world we sell in Jorge Lopez
A person’s decision on what to buy, from whom, when and for how much are based on their personal influences. It doesn’t matter if it’s your clients, employees, children or friends, in this presentation you will learn what motivates a Baby Boomer, Gen Xer or “Millennials. Discover how each generation is unique, what turns them ON and what turns them OFF, and how to define your target client generations and what you can do to market and sell more effectively to each of them by creating trusting and successful relationships.

Keeping All of your Great DJs Michael Walter
Fresh off his earlier presentations: “Finding Your Next Great DJ” and “Training Your Next Great DJ” , in this seminar Mike will offer in-depth and proven methods that he and other successful Multi-Op owners have used to maintain their staff and keep their DJs happy. It is possible to combine Quality and Quantity and this seminar will show you how.

The High School Goldmine Mark Perry
Done right, learn how to exceed the profit generated from other types of events, including weddings in the lucrative high school market. Consider extending your services to cross over into the event production world such as, large scale video projection, special effects, intelligent & laser light shows, décor lighting, etc. and getting compensated properly for these services.Change public perception, package pricing as opposed to custom pricing, selling specific products rather than their effect. Attendees will leave the seminar captivated, motivated, and inspired to achieve new heights in their own organizations.

Please note: All seminars, events, workshops are on a first-come, first-serve basis and are subject to change without notice.


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