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June 18, 2016 by Mobile Beat

MBLV20 has come and gone and it was one of the best Mobile Beat Las Vegas events to date. This year, from the very beginning of the planning process we knew that we were going to have to go big.

Before MBLV19, video consisted of all the presenters bringing their own personal laptops and
plugging directly into the projector and tapping into the audio system using the headphone jack on their computer. This did not always produce the best results. Last year it was decided that speakers needed to send all PowerPoint or Keynote presentations in at least a couple of days before they were to present their seminars, and these would all be shown from one computer. This worked OK, but was still not where we wanted to be as far as production.

northshore-dunsbergenLast year, when we ran ProPresenter for all the videos and integrated the presentations directly into the program, this caused some issues. The biggest was that the slide advancer part of the time was still focused on ProPresenter and would not advance the slides in their presentation. Next was the fact that once PowerPoint had taken over the computer, I could not get any of the videos ready for the break after the presenter. The screens would go blank going into the break so I could escape out of the presentation and get the computer focused back on ProPresenter. I am guessing that most people never knew what was going on, but this was a giant pain. The final problem was that we only had one output from our video presentation switcher, meaning we had the same signal on both projection screens and the presenter’s confidence monitor. So it was decided this year that we wanted separate signals to each of the screens and the confidence monitor must have the presenter’s notes on it. This meant that more than one computer was to be used, one for ProPresenter and one for Powerpoint or Keynote. Each computer had three outputs: the main screen that I looked at; the presenters’ notes, which were mirrored to the desktop display on the PowerPoint/Keynote computer and on the ProPresenter computer; and the main video output. It was also it was determined that we were going to have a live video input and a way to show a Flyboost social media feed. Live video was eventually scrapped because of some legal issues, but the rest remained.

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