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July 2, 2015 by Mobile Beat

MBLV20, the 20th Anniversary event and celebration of 25 Years of Mobile Breds76eat Magazine will be a result of a year long process of planning and production. Immediately after the last event in February, Mobile Beat event management started the ball rolling on the milestone event. One of the key elements of MBLV19’s industry-shaking success was the stellar team that was assembled to make it happen — so, first on the MBLV20 to-do list was to bring as many members of that team back together as possible.

MBLV19 Rocked

Jeremy Brech, MBLV19 Lighting Director said “Being a part of Mobile Beat 2015 was an experience that I will never forget and I know many attendees will never forget. Going into the show last year there was much anticipation on how Mobile Beat was going to make the “experience” happen. I was fortunate to work with some of the best talent and industry leaders. Industry leaders such as the sound professionals of Electro-Voice and the lighting pros of Chauvet DJ, along with talented MCs such as Bill Hermann and Jason Jones, the one and only Jason Jani as the event DJ, and Jake and the stellar staff of BCP Live.”

“Jake, my partner in BCP Live, and his staff, including Joe Quinn and Brad Dunsbergen, were the point people that made this event all go so smoothly,” says Ryan Burger, Publisher of Mobile Beat. “I was just told when and where they needed me, and enjoyed the event immensely.”

“And then there was Josh Yawn working with Mike Buonaccorso and myself on the getting people there and working with the presenters.” Ryan continued.

“Mobile Beat had some major goals for the 2015 show, and they blew them all away. MBLV had more full pass attendees than any other Las Vegas DJ conference since 2006 including 60% more than the 2014 MBLV show. The Tuesday night party at the Tropicana with DJ Jazzy Jeff and Sir Mix-A-Lot was amazing, and other events like the DigiGames Game Night and DJ TakeOver were fantastic!

Ryan said that the only way it can be topped is by starting with the crew that “did such amazing things in February and by giving them even more room to dream! Thus, the team is in place to go even further.”

Up Next: A Spectacular MBLV20

There were many questions about how the new approach for 2015 would go over, until attendees actually entered “The Mobile Beat Experience,” architected and hosted by Bill Hermann and Jason Jones. Once they were immersed in it, the DJs in attendance had nothing but rave reviews to share.

Jeremy, who recently signed on as MBLV20 Lighting Director, spoke about how attendees were saying, “Good luck on topping this next year!”

“Well let me promise you, WE WILL!” he says. “Last year we had about three strong months of planning and this year the planning has already been put into place. I know working with BCP Live, Electro-Voice, ScreenWorks, and Chauvet DJ, this will be the show of a lifetime.”

Jeremy, continued, “I am excited to be working with Jason Jani and with the newest gear from Chauvet DJ. I personally will make sure that the lighting production will be nothing less than amazing. In 2016 you will want to make sure you don’t miss a single day because of the surprises we have in store for all the attendees. If you thought last year was good, wait until you experience MBLV20!”

DJ Jason Jani, who recently signed on as Event DJ and Chief Entertainment Officer, did a great job of summing up how the success of MBLV19 will lead to even greater things at MBLV20: “Mobile Beat 2015 changed the game in so many different ways and we are pumped to take things to another level in 2016. New venue, incredible talent, amazing production, a trade show floor filled with the latest technology and offerings, a nightlife event that will spin the minds of all in attendance, and content that any DJ can use to better themselves and their business. Last year we changed the game, this year we raise the bar.

“My job is to bring all these talents together into one cohesive show that blows everybody away, and I’m ready for it!” said Jake Feldman, of BCP Live.

With Jake, Jason, Jeremy, Brad, Josh, Mike and Ryan onboard, with the addition of Jeff Scott Gould from SCE, the base of the team is in place. Chauvet DJ and Electro-Voice are signed to bring back their parts of the experience. Stay tuned for announcements of presenters, the host, and other excitement. Find out more information about the show, and our new host hotel, the Tropicana Las Vegas, at MobileBeatLasVegas.Com.

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