MB and MB: The Next Generation

May 9, 2011 by Robert Lindquist
After 20 years with Mobile Beat, the name Mike Buonaccorso is pretty solidly connected with 
Mobile Beat Magazine. But who knew that Mike Buonaccorso JUNIOR would follow many of the same 
paths as his DJ dad? April 12, 1988 was a Tuesday, and Mobile Music of Rochester, a DJ company in western New York run by Mike Buonaccorso, Sr. The father found it convenient that his first son would be born on a weekday so as not to interfere with those weekend gigs.mb135-120
By the age of five, Mike Jr. and younger brother Joe had been exposed to sound and lighting 
equipment on a regular basis. Once Mobile Beat went into print, while other families of 
children that age vacationed at Disney, the boys' tourist destinations might be a NAMM show or a DJ show in Canada. The holidays became opportunities to torture the relatives with their makeshift light shows and interactive productions in the basement. By 1998, and the second Mobile 
Beat Las Vegas event, Mike and Joe had already become regulars, doing everything from hustling swag or candy bars to serious positions working with floor management. Upon high school 
graduation, while Joe set out to serve his country in the US Navy, back on the home front, Mike Jr. continued to move along in the DJ industry by resurrecting Mobile Music, which had been 
somewhat dormant for several years. The company's claim of "Serving Western New York since 
1980" regained true authenticity, with the younger Mike expanding the services of the company 
into karaoke rentals and photobooths,and doing occasional club work.
 The elder Mike now serves as advisor, as well as doing a few jobs under the subheading 
Babyboomer DJ Service, "So I know what I'm getting into," as Mike Sr. puts it.
 When asked where his extensive knowledge of a variety of DJ topics came from, Mike Jr. 
replied, "It"s kind of hard to stand in the back of the room at a DJ convention for 15 years 
and not learn something."
Rarely has a DJ of his age had access to such a treasure trove of information to glean from, as his home is a virtual library of DJ data, including every Mobile Beat seminar on audio or 
video and hundreds of DJ products Mike Sr. has accumulated over the years.
 As a result of that knowledge and experience, Mike Jr. is now a staff writer for product 
reviews, which appear frequently in Mobile Beat Magazine,and he has assisted Jake Feldman on 
the road during the Mobile Beat tour.
 The similarities don't stop there. This past May, Mike Jr. graduated from the Rochester 
Institute of Technology, his father's alma mater exactly forty years after Mike Sr.
 As MB (the magazine) enters its third decade, MB (senior) continues his leader ship in the DJ arena, most notably as MBLV show producer. The younger MB has now picked up the torch, and it 
looks like the family business is in good hands. MB
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Robert Lindquist has been involved in the DJ profession since 1967, when he built a make-shift sound system from spare parts in order to provide music for a birthday party. From that point on, he supplemented his day-jobs in radio, TV and advertising by DJ’ing in clubs and for weddings and corporate events. In 1987, he was encouraged to share his DJ experience in writing, which led to the release of “Spinnin’” at the initial DJ Times Expo in Atlantic City.Recognizing the need for a publication dedicated to Mobile DJs, he created Mobile Beat “The DJ magazine” in 1990. In addition to still being a sound tech and DJ/MC for weddings, he is a producer of video content writes for several audio publications and blogs. He is also a partner in Las Vegas based Level 11 Media, which maintains several Web sites and digital publications for musicians and touring sound engineers and is an IMDb listed actor and voice talent.

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