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July 2, 2013 by Dan Walsh

MB 150 cover-sm…and hitting mailboxes soon.


For many, if not most DJs, talking tech is a favorite pastime. Comparing rigs, recommending or warning about different gear, touting this or that awesome new software package, asking advice on how to troubleshoot some irksome issue. And so on.

In that spirit, this issue is dedicated in large part to discussions of gear and technology, from a variety of perspectives. Jim Papa shares a personal story to illustrate the importance of research before committing cold cash to an equipment purchase. Stu Chisholm also gets personal with some reflections on past technology and counsels us to beware claims of unlimited gear life spans. Also in the category of “watching your back,” Rich McCoy, covers some basics of setting up a back-up system.

In a hard-hitting feature piece, Arnoldo Offermann points out the logic of learning your technology in and out—not only your DJ hardware and software, but everything that supports what you do. He also gives, an another article, some guidance through the sometimes mysterious realm of DMX.

We also offer a bigger than normal selection of gear goodies to salivate over, with reviews of the following: TRUSST® Arch Kit, TriceraSoft Karaoke Suite, Yamaha STAGEPAS 600i Portable PA, Cerwin-Vega! P1500X Powered Speaker and P1800SX Powered Subwoofer, EV ZLX12P Powered Speaker, DPA d:fine Headset Mic.

Highlighting our gear focus, we’re rolling out a fun new opportunity for YOU to interact with the Mobile Beat online community and talk tech…check out page 22 to find out how.
On the topic of mastering the most current tools of the trade, Jim Weisz lists some extremely useful apps to help you take care of business, and Stephanie Padovani talks about how not to blog for brides. John Stiernberg provides some solid advice on combining the technology of business with the human element.

Which reminds us that all the technology we utilize is meant to help us connect with the audience better, and produce the most exciting show, more efficiently. Without the human touch, all our DJ gear is like the Tin Man in search of a beating heart.

– Dan Walsh, Editor-in-Chief

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