Mastering Mitzvahs by Howard Wallach

January 24, 2017 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

T here is a big, lucrative market for your services out there—and many of you are under represented in the action. Curious, overwhelmed, unsure about “the hows” to providing your services to Mitzvah Parties in a way that ignites the word of mouth network within your reach? Well, Mazel Tov (congratulations/good luck)… Welcome to the party! The energy and excitement at these events, and the opportunities for scale are real. The good news: You don’t have to be Jewish!

You do need to appreciate the context these events have for the families planning them. These celebrations are a pinnacle of Jewish life. Bar/bat mitzvah (Son/daughter of the command- ment) commemorates this religious and spiritual rite of passage connecting one generation to another. The event date is often chosen based on their birthday represented in the Hebrew/ Jewish calendar.

Preparation for a meaningful and fulfilling Jewish education is provided at a Temple, Jewish school, an after-school program or Sunday Hebrew school—and those are also contexts where word of mouth marketing happens.

Our Celebrant often spends an intense year of tutoring to prepare for leading a Sabbath service. Philosophy, language study, essay writing, public speaking and etiquette lessons, all rolled into one.

Responsibilities usually include reading passages in Hebrew from the Torah and the Haftarah (a commentary on that week’s Torah portion). And then there is a D’var Torah where, for months, students prepare speeches for the congregation meant to explain not only what their specific Torah portion is literally about, but also what it means symbolically, philosophically, and how they connected to the portion personally.

Some kids study with dedication; others require a great deal of encouragement. Some have the support of families; others undertake this on their own. Some are from two-parent Jewish families; others from interfaith or other non-traditional homes. Having personally gone thru this challenging process at 12-13 yrs. old—its completion made me feel invincible.

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