Martin’s New Plug & Play Hazer

May 13, 2008 by Tony Barthel

The Magnum 2500 Hz™ is an easy-to-use, plug-and-play hazer for DJs or when a simple haze solution is needed in smaller venues, clubs, and bars. Its large fluid container and optional DMX also make it suitable for a large variety of installations.

The compact Magnum 2500 Hz uses a 900 W heat exchanger to effortlessly punch out a full 2500 m³/min of uniform haze for mid-air projection or atmosphere enhancement.

This rugged yet portable hazer heats up fast and is continuously operational for a trouble-free ‘set it and forget it’ effect. Its large 3.8 liter fluid capacity (1 US gallon) provides for extremely long runs when needed.

Haze output and on/off timing are controllable via a handy remote control that can be conveniently stored in its own compartment.

The Magnum 2500 comes complete with all the technical excellence you expect from the Magnum range, and like all Magnum products the Magnum 2500 incorporates advanced Jem technology like new electronics, machine-saving overheat protection and fluid-out sensing.

Economically priced and featuring a new design to match the rest of the Magnum family, the Magnum 2500 offers substantial cost and maintenance benefits over a long operational life.

“The introduction of the Magnum 2500 Hz underscores the fact that Martin means business when it comes to reinventing the design of smoke machines,” states Martin Smoke Division Product Manager Ulrich Borup Hansen. “Our entire portfolio of small to medium-sized fog machines in the Magnum product line has been updated in terms of design and technology, and now we complete the line with a matching hazer. The plug-and-play concept with primary focus on ease of use and reliability is once again the driving force behind this new product.”

The Magnum 2500 Hz completes the Magnum range and joins the Magnum Hazer and Jem ZR24/7 Hazer in Martin’s hazer product line.

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