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November 2, 2016 by Rick Hardesty

Back in the old days when I first started Planet DJs Entertainment I created a list of goals and my first goal on the list was to find a way to get my DJ company on the map. One of my first employees came across this awesome marketing piece that goes out to schools. I use this advertising piece every year when I market to my school clients. Planet DJs Entertainment in Michigan works with over 48 school districts and each school districtCorporate-Sponsor-School Postcard has 4 to 7 schools in that district and out of each school we typically book between 2 to 8 parties per school here in Michigan and I owe all my success to this simple postcard. The postcard reads like this below.

Due to a new corporate sponsorship we have arranged, Planet DJs has an incredible deal we can offer you. We will DJ all of your school dances, for the entire school year absolutely free. Our corporate sponsor will pay us to DJ every dance that your school has. This is not a scam! There are restriction on this offer, and it’s only available to the first ten schools who sign up. For more information, call us to schedule a presentation at your school.

The beauty part about this marketing piece is the customer has to call for a presentation at their school. So what does that mean it means the customer has to call up Planet DJs Entertainment and book a party with us. Once the client books the party with us then they have a chance to get free dances for the entire school year.

Typically, we give the school dances away free of charge to the schools that only book 1 or 2 parties a year so we are not losing money but we are holding up our end of the bargain and giving the first 10 schools that call up free dances or the schools that don’t have a lot of parties per year.

I know what you are going to say why would I give away free school dances that is just stupid. All I can say is that if you talk to my family when I first tossed around the idea of creating a marketing piece like this and sending it out to my school clients they told me I was crazy and if I wanted to go belly up you are on the right track. I love crazy marketing ideas I am always looking for the best marketing and advertising to send out to my potential clients.

In business you have to take risk and I figured nothing of nothing is nothing and what is the worst case scenario I would have to give away free parties and work them myself. I sent this marketing piece out on September first at the beginning of the school year to over 1,500 hundred schools and 1,300 hundred schools called up to book event’s. It was awesome I was turning down parties right and left and business was booming my family was speechless and in matter of months I had 15 DJs out doing parties for me. My goal to put Planet DJs on the map was accomplished.  

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