Marketing to Lost and Lazy Customers

October 12, 2016 by Rick Hardesty

Every business owner knows that it’s hard to get the phone to ring. It can easily cost you $20 dollars to generate one new customer depending on the marketing vehicle you use to generate your new customers. But it will only cost you 25 cents to reactivate a lazy one. If you mailed a postcard out to each lazy customer every month for the whole year it would only cost you $4 dollars each. And research proves that marketing to your own customers yields the absolute highest return on your marketing dollars.   

Depending on the CRM software you use you can send the lazy customers out a newsletter with a special coupon to come back to your entertainment company and it won’t cost you anything. Here at Planet DJs Entertainment and Customer Manager Pro we send out newsletters and postcards every month to all of our lost and lazy customers.

When a customer calls us up about booking a potential party we always get their full name, full address, email address, phone number, date of event and of course any other info about their party. By getting all this information we have multiple ways of contacting the customer and marketi_lazy-customerslazy-customers_lazy-customers Lost-and-Lazy-Customersng to the customer in the future. The more information you can get out the initial call with the customer the more ways you can market to them in the future. We always heavily note the customer’s My Account so when they call back we have all their information at our fingertips

When we get off the phone with the customer we send them out a welcome email and we then create a quote for them in Customer Manager Pro and then email that off to the customer then we also setup the new potential customer on a My Account so the customer can login to their personal account and keep track of their notes and paper work attached to their account. The most important thing we do is change the customer’s status to new customer this way we can send the customer out coupons and discounts to entice them to book their event.

After the first month if the potential customer does not book our services for their upcoming event we change the status of their account to lazy customer and we start tailoring our marketing to the products and services they called about and wanted to potentially book from us. If the customer still has not booked their upcoming party with us in 3 months they are considered a lost customer this is of course depending on the date of their event. If the customer is a lost customer we get extremely aggressive on the marketing and advertising and we lower the price to entice the customer to book from us. We also tailor the marketing to the products and services they were looking to purchase from us so it extremely important on the initial call to get all the info you can about their upcoming event. Nine times out of ten most of our customers will call us after the initial lazy postcard or newsletter gets sent out. The rest of the customers that go to the status lost customer they typically call after the third postcard or newsletter and say hey we booked another entertainment company but your prices are cheaper and you are giving me a lot more bang for my buck we would like to cancel the other company and choose your company.

Working your existing customer base is the lowest cost and the highest return marketing investment you can ever make._lazy-customers

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