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May 15, 2008 by Robert Starkey

Blogs these days is one of the easiest ways to communicate over the internet. Did you know that it has more of an impact on your business than you may have originally thought? Let’s take a little in depth look as to what Blogging is and what to consider.

There are two main ways to blog – Hosted Blogging and Server Side Blogging

Hosted Blogging
Software such as is hosted on a separate service provider but are free to use. They require no uploading or installing on your part and the setup screen is

Server Side Blogging
There are blogging scripts such as WordPress (ref: ) which physically get download from their servers, uploaded to your domain and installed on your server. The added benefit to this is that unlike Hosted Blogging Sites, the search engines come back to your site on a regular basis and provides a higher score for your URL, providing you higher ranking in some cases.

Tips to Blogging:

1) ON TOPIC: Pick a topic that is right in line with your company and your company focus (Weddings, Corporate, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, etc).

2) RELEVANCE: To gain the highest blogging exposure, write content that is of interest to your readers. This will create more desire for them to return to your site again and again.

3) KEYWORDS: Your blog will be indexed. This is a great place to put rich keyword into your posting content. If it falls in line with the rest of your sites content will complement your site in the eyes of the search engines.

4) UP-TO-DATE: Both human being’s reading your post, as well as the search engines love content that is updated on a regular basis. Keep consistent with your updates, should you choose to do it daily, weekly, monthly or other – just keep it consistent.

5) LINKING: Your blog is a great place to link to your main website and that of vendors and other web partners you may have. Remember that the goal is to link with quality sites, it’s not about quantity. Check their Alexa rating if you’re not sure of the quality of a potential linking site.

6) COMMENTS: To be effective with your blog – it is recommended by many experts to allow customers to comment on your blog postings. This will increase the popularity of your new marketing tool with your readers, as well as please the search engines with “fresh content” as each of your readers respond.

SEO Tips to Blogging: Participate actively in other blogs / forums within our industry.

Homework: Get started on your own blog today. Keep the information provided in your mind when setting up and posting.

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