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October 28, 2008 by Robert Starkey

Hi there!   This month we’re going to be continuing our discussion on different ways to getting more sales, this time through making yourself more available to your customers in a more unique way – “Live Chat”.

How many times have you ever had a question and needed help? Maybe your internet was slow (like mine is) and you used it to communicate with your ISP, or your thinking about ordering flowers for your anniversary and you used their live representative to help answer questions…

What if you offered something your competition didn’t? You decided to take a gamble, make an investment and take Roberts’ advice to add a Live-Chat software to your website.  Overwhelmed? DON’T BE ! I have done all the research for you, found a company that would take my advice and expound upon it to meet and exceed the current expectations of those using my existing Chat Software which was in Beta Mode as an Outside The Box project, being tested by recognizable DJ names like Scott Faver, David Hanscom, Jay Smith and a few others.

I told you I did the research… I even worked out a deal for you! My friends at ChatStat Technologies have agreed to continue advancing their software – so here’s the scoop of what I scored for us:

... these are the add-ons they and all other chat services make their money on...
Feature Price per Month
Icon Editor included ($5 value)
Popup Control included ($5 value)
Logo & Conversation Window Control included ($5 value)
Remote Screen Access ADD ON – $20.00
Language Translation ADD ON – $20.00
Web Statistics included ($5 value)
Callback System with Skype included ($5 value)
Auto Chat Invitations included ($5 value)
Operator Seats (per operator) BASE PLAN $20.00
Department Manager included ($5 value)
Chat Transcript Preservation included ($10 value)
Multiple Website Support (per site) included ($10 value)
External Chat Link included ($5 value)
Page Thumbnails included ($5 value)

Only $20 per month… That’s a $75 Savings Per Month! Just because I worked out a special deal with Nick, the company’s owner and now good friend of mine, he has given me his personal word and guarantee that as a full-time company that values our business – they will continue working to improve the service based on our recommendations and feedback!  Their goal is one industry at a time, my goal is to make us the first industry they hit hard and really see if they’re up for the challenge!

Ready to signup? To get started simply click here and create your FREE 30 DAY TRIAL <— Must use this link to receive this offer * THIS IS NOT AN AFFILIATE DEAL, ONLY FOR TRACKING THIS PROMOTION, YOU HAVE MY WORD! * and see how easy it is to get started.

W A R N I N G : This is only for those serious about their business, who don’t mind being available to potential and current customers while sitting in front of their computer anyways.

Upgraded tonight

* Logo & Conversation Window Control templates will now allow for the customization of searching for operator text, help text, question text required option, hide operator selection and hide department selections.

* ChatStat spell checking will be included allowing you to correct spelling errors as you type.

* IP blocking is now also added to the operator chat window to prevent malicious visitors from flooding your operators with chat requests.

Upcoming (est. 90 days till release)

* widget and apple iphone specific clients in route
* Program GUI will be written in 16 languages for world-wide use

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