Marketing Tidbits: A Marketing Plan

July 14, 2008 by Robert Starkey

Jason Kay just wrote an awesome article on creating a business plan, but equally just as important but completely different is your Marketing Plan. While your business plan tells you the overall reason and focus of the business, the “Marketing Plan” helps you drill-down and focus on what tools you will be using, when you will be using them, and the success of each of those attempts. As you discover what works, you will continue to carry those over year to year, for those that do not score high on your Marketing Calendar rating can be tried again at a later time, but this way you’re focusing on what is already working for you and your business.

My company Outside The Box (DJ Forms for DJ Intelligence) has an inner-circle group in which I’ve put together a great start to your marketing plan. For further information, head on over to and ask to see a sample of our business plan we’re working on as a group.

To start your Marketing Calendar, setup a page with a couple of columns. In Column A put the date of the launch of your promotion. In Column B place the end date of the promotion. In column C put the Promotion Name. In Column D list the methods you will use to advertise the promotion. In column E write in the results overall of the promotional campaign. Was it a success? Put it on the calendar for next year – same time. Did it fail? Try it again in another 6 months or so to see if maybe it would be more effective at a different time.

Test, Test, and Test some more!

To your business success!
Robert Starkey

P.S. For those following my Planning Forms, please checkout our new Quinceanera Planning Form available for your DJ Software – “DJ Intelligence” account.

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