Marketing Tidbit: SPAM Prevention

January 7, 2009 by Robert Starkey

With email serving as a large method for communicating with your customers, preventing SPAM from arriving becomes an overgrowing challenge.  The following Marketing Tidbits can help you alleviate the problem:

1) Remove any direct links to your email address from your website. 98% of the time, this method of making your email address available usually revolves around the ever so popular  MAILTO: tag which is largely recognized by the spam bots searching websites on a daily basis.

2) Use of a contact form with CAPTCHA. A large percentage of contact forms on websites these days, process the information submitted behind the scenes, ensuring that your email address is never exposed.  An example would be the Contact and Message Form as available through DJ Intelligence.  CAPTCHA is the method of asking the submitter to verify they are a human by copying the letters and numbers randomly displayed on screen.

3) Use of Image to display Email Address. If you feel that you MUST have your email address visible, typing it out on a graphic file such as Email Address for Robert Starkey.

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