Marketing Tidbit: Keywords (pt 2)

June 13, 2008 by Robert Starkey

There are many DJs who have been asking me to share more on the information I’ve learned about search engine optimization a.k.a. “SEO” – it’s been my pleasure taking you down a journey in my mind of the nutshell information to obtain high rankings within the search engines but the question remains, “Are  YOU following along?

We’re now on part two of the keyword research segment. We’re going to pack as much as we can.

In the last segment I talked about common keywords: “dj djs dj’s d.j. d.j.s d.j.’s disc disk jockey jockeys…” but now it’s time to take things a step further.  We all know there are other words that are searched on the internet that we wish we could come up under, maybe you’re a wedding specialist, maybe you’re bar/bat mitzvah specialist or you do corporate parties.  Wouldn’t you like to come up under that search term?

Here is a good way to compile a starting list of “search combinations”:

COVERAGE AREA (city/cities)     +     Common Variables     +     Shifting Variables
Las Vegas                                                 Wedding                                   DJ
Las Vegas                                                 Wedding                                   DJs
Las Vegas                                                 Wedding                                   DJ’s
Las Vegas                                                 Wedding                                   D.J.
Las Vegas                                                 Wedding                                   D.J.s
Las Vegas                                                 Wedding                                   D.J.’s

… the list continues on… and on… and on.

NOW – take these combinations, and visit and type your combinations in there to receive additional search alternatives for your “common variables” category.

We’re going to come back to this tool in a moment. I’d like to quickly educate you on the differences between Broad Match vs. Phrase Match vs. Exact Match —  “Broad Match” means the words can be in any order and may have other search words in front of, in the middle of, and behind your terms.  “Phrase Match” means that the customer has placed quote on it, the search results may contain words before or after but the search terms must be in the order specified with no words in between. “Exact Match” means someone has placed brackets around the [search term] and the engine is only to return exactly as submitted.

Why did I just tell you all this?

Because now you must reverse engineer your keyword list and change the column order:    “Las Vegas Wedding DJ” vs “Wedding DJ in Las Vegas”.  You could to this process by hand, or you could use this great little tool that all the search engine seo specialists use as found at

Remember the link I shared to the Google Keyword tool (above)?  Use this to search the many terms that you’ve built up to what you call a “list”.  My keyword lists contain over 9,000 keyword combinations – no joke when you’re dead serious. Yours may be smaller, that’s ok.  Enter the combinations line by line in the Google Keyword Tool and once you get the search results back, click on the hyperlink column header that says, “Average Search Volume”.  This will sort the search combinations by what yields the highest search results for any given term.

Want to test keywords that may already be pulling traffic to your site?  Visit your hosting company’s cPanel and review the logs to see what search terms are pulling traffic   — OR — even better is I recommend using the Google Analytics tool. Google Analytics is FREE and it is very in depth in its reporting. Learn not only what key words pull for your site, but what keywords pull for a certain page, what pages people leave on and the ratio of which they do so, and more.  Setup your free analytics account at

Once you’ve found the top 3 to 5 keyword phrases that match, you’re now ready to get started with your first step in getting your site SEO Optimized.  Hope you’re ready, this will begin in next week’s Marketing Tidbits Segment.





ABOUT THE AUTHOR:   Robert Starkey, as a Disc Jockey himself running an operation out of Lake Havasu City, Arizona under “Robert Starkey’s Wedding Entertainment” and serving as a Wedding Specialist. Robert also is owner of Outside The Box DJ Tools, a service which sells products and services such as Enhanced Planning Forms for DJ Intelligence.  For further information on this venture please kindly visit

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