Marketing Tidbit: Keywords (pt 1)

June 5, 2008 by Robert Starkey

What are keywords and how do they relate?


Keywords are the essential part of your website. They’re what pull your visitors in to your website from the search engines.  Do you have to have an SEO specialist in order to rank high for your keywords? The answer is NO.  Luckily we’re in an industry where more than 90% of us are of service to our local community only – which means gearing down on keywords brings us to compete with our local competition.

Remember this important obvious but often overlooked fact:   A potential customer is not going to search for your DJ Company by name, that is unless the name of your company contains keywords, i.e. “Havasu Wedding DJ” (where “havasu” is the city in which I reside).

Let’s start at the top of your website.  There is what is called “Header” tags which look like…

<meta name=”keywords” content=”


… it is within the keywords meta tag that you will want to place search terms that a potential client might be searching.  Let’s use my company as an example.  Keywords for me might include the following:

Havasu, DJ, DJs, D.J., D.J.s, Dj’s, D.J.’s, D.J’s, disc, jockey, Wedding, Planning, Planner, Music, Entertainer, Entertainment

These are just a few example.  If you already know about the Keyword MetaTags, then take this piece of fruit home with you to eat. Your keyword meta tags do not have to have comma’s separating them (as given in the example above), the comma is more or less for the web designers use. This means repeating words is not necessary, i.e :   Havasu DJ, DJ in Havasu, a DJ in Havasu.  List the word only once.

LASTLY — Keep your keywords list short and specific.  Do not try and reach broad or you may be rated low by the search engines.


Now that you know what your keywords are…


What?  You don’t?  oh.  Ok.      Well, let’s start here:

This hyperlink will bring you to a keyword search tool that will help make suggestions based on what you enter as an example.  Look for the Highest searched keywords – and use multiple variations to see which way may be searched the most.   (i.e.   Havasu Wedding DJ vs Havasu Wedding D.J. vs. Havasu Wedding Disc Jockey)


Now you got your keywords?  Great!


The next thing to do is re-write the content of your website (sales pitch/copy) to include these keywords in their variations for maximum ranking by the search engines.


stay tuned – lots more to come.  if you start now, you’ll be achieving higher search engine ranking within 1 month.  But you have to follow along with each series as we go.


Write comments, let us know what your thoughts are.  Questions?


For the road – here’s one more keyword resource:




ABOUT THE AUTHOR:   Robert Starkey, as a Disc Jockey himself running an operation out of Lake Havasu City, Arizona under “Robert Starkey’s Wedding Entertainment” and serving as a Wedding Specialist. Robert also is owner of Outside The Box DJ Tools, a service which sells products and services such as Enhanced Planning Forms for DJ Intelligence.  For further information on this venture please kindly visit

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