Marathon Days: How To Survive A Bridal Show

August 9, 2017 by Jeff Heidelberg

Booths and brochures as far as the eye can see. A once empty convention center hall is now adorned with flowers, cake samples and men in suits. It’s quiet but anticipation lingers in the air for the first rush. It’s bridal show day. A day that can boost business but can have a toll on feet and the mind.

Last year I was part of over a dozen bridal shows. Some had thousands of attendees while others barely scratched 20. Here is my comprehensive guide on surviving a bridal show. Note this guide does not include anything about selling since everyone has their own unique secret sauce of doing that.


Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun

Dress shoes are notorious for being uncomfortable. New leather shoes cut into your feet harder than an angry girlfriend cutting into soul with her eyes. A secret I learned is to double up your socks. Like dress shoes, dress socks are very thin and do not provide a lot of cushion. I have learned that wearing ankle cut socks underneath your dress socks acts as a cheap Dr. Scholls. Keep in mind that extra socks do take up extra room in your shoe, so tight fitting shoes may not be the best idea.


Caffeinate Wisely

Ahh the rush of caffeine. The brain fires off a mixture of endorphins and stress hormones as our pupils dilate and we begin to see the world with new eyes. Caffeine helps but try to plan out your intake throughout the day.

I am a fan of caffeine pills. Yes they sound scary but it’s just two cups of coffee in a nice pill. No coffee breath, no problem. However, instead of feeling two cups of coffee gradually as if you were sipping it, caffeine pills release all of that caffeine at once. Just a “boomshakalaka, knock down the front door, caffeine is here to play” all at once. This is a good feeling for big rushes during bridal shows but remember the caffeine will fade eventually so cutting the pill in half and taking it throughout the show may be more beneficial.

Also consider supplementing your caffeine with L-Theanine. This is an amino acid sold in a pill form at most grocery and drug stores. Theanine has shown to limit the jittery feeling of caffeine and enhance the focusing effects.


Variety is the Spice of a Show

Plan out your day in chunks. If you are at the bridal show with a crew, plan out spaced out breaks so the crew can take turns to use the bathroom and eat. If the show dies down a little, use this time to mingle with your vendor friends. A change of scenery in a convention center can do wonders on the mind.

If you are on a break, try to limit social media use. In a previous article about meditation, I discussed how my social media breaks were taxing me of mental energy that could’ve been used for productivity. Go look out a window, take a brief walk, go talk to the nice old lady handing out cake samples. Just find something that helps you relax so you can come back to the booth charged and ready to go.


I joke that sometimes our bridal show booth can resemble the set of The Walking Dead. A group of DJs, tired from DJing the night before, all standing around waiting for something to happen. Yes we are tired but some of my favorite memories with my coworkers have been in a bridal show booth. Use this tips and light the convention center on fire with your selling flame.


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